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Cha Cha Rules

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Phrased Intermediate
Ju-Hyun Oh (KOR) - December 2017
New Rules - Dua Lipa
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Inter: 16 Count - Sequence: A B B – A Tag B B – A B – A Tag – A B B – A Tag B B – A Tag

A -32 Count
Sec A1: Side, Together, Side, Time Step, Hip Sway×2, Coaster
1 2 3Step LF to L, step RF beside LF, step LF to L
4&5Step RF beside LF, step LF in place, step RF to R
6 7Sway hips to left, right
8&1Step LF Back, close RF to LF, step LF Fwd

Sec A2: Step, Recover, Back cha-cha, Step, Recover, Fwd
2 3Step RF Fwd, recover LF
4&5Step RF Back, lock LF in front RF, step RF Back
6 7 8Step LF Back, recover RF, step LF Fwd

Sec A3: 3/4 Spiral Turn, Botafogo×2, Step, Recover, Coaster
13/4 R spiral turn
2&3Cross RF over L, step LF to L side, recover RF
4&5Cross LF over R, step RF to R side, recover LF
6 7Step RF Fwd, recover LF
8&1Step RF Back, close LF to RF, step RF Fwd

Sec A4: Step. 1/8 Paddle Turn (Shimmy)×2, Step, Recover, Cross, 1/4 Turn
2 3 4Step LF Fwd, 1/8 L paddle turn (shimmy), 1/8 L paddle turn (shimmy)
5 6Step RF to R side, recover LF
7&8Cross RF behind LF, 1/4 turn L stepping LF Fwd, step RF Fwd

B – 16 Count
Sec B1: Step, Body Roll, Back, Hip Bump, Back, Hip Bump, step, Recover, 1/4 Turn
1 2&Step LF Fwd, body roll (upper body), weight to RF
3&4&Step LF Back, hip bump R, step RF Back, hip bump L
5 6Step LF Back, recover RF
7&81/4 turn R stepping LF side, recover RF, cross LF over R

Sec B2: Volta×2, Side, Recover, Together, Side, Recover, Touch
&1 2Step RF to R side, cross LF over R, hip roll circle
&3 4Step RF to R side, cross LF over R, hip roll circle
5&6Step RF to R side, recover LF, close RF beside LF
7&8Step LF to L side, recover RF, touch LF next to RF

Tag – 4 Count
1 2Step LF Fwd, 1/2 turn R with weigh on LF (bent knees in a sit position)
3 4Hold, step RF Fwd



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