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Charleston 600

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Tina Summerfield (UK) - March 2013
Hello - Miss 600 : (iTunes)
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32 count intro. - One restart on Wall 3 after 16 counts.*

Section 1: Charleston steps, Reverse pivot ½ turn, Sweep ½ turn, Close, Jump out, Jump in
1 – 2Step forward on right, touch left forward
3 – 4Step back on left, touch right back
5&6Reverse pivot making ½ turn right (weight ends on right), sweep left forward making ½ turn right, close left beside right (12.00)
&7&8Jump right out to right side, step left to left side, jump right in, step left in beside right

Section 2: Heel split, Close, Heel split with flick, Close, Heel split, Close, Heel split with flick, Flick, Step, Flick, Step , Flick ,Touch, Kick.
&1&2Keeping toes together split heels out, close heels together, turn left heel out whilst flicking right heel back to right diagonal ( knees will be pointing in!) close right beside left
&3&4Keeping toes together split heels apart, close heels together, turn right heel out whilst flicking left heel back to left diagonal, close left beside right
&5&6Turn left heel out whilst flicking right heel back to right diagonal step right forward slightly across left, turn right heel out whilst flicking left heel out to back diagonal, step L forward across R
&7 -8Turn left heel out whilst flicking right heel back to right diagonal, touch right beside left, kick right forward (12.00)
*Restart: Wall 3: Change count 8 of Section 2 - to a hold whilst shrugging shoulders Up then Down

Section 3: Reverse mambo, Step forward, Pivot ½ turn, Step, Full turn, Step , Step , Scuff, Hop ¼ turn
1&2Rock back on right, recover to left, step right forward
3&4Step left forward, pivot ½ turn right, step left forward
5&6Making ½ turn left step back on right, making ½ turn left step forward on left, step right forward.
(Easier option: Run forward R.L.R)
&7-8Step left forward, scuff right forward, on ball of left pivot or hop ¼ turn left.
(Leave right leg extended after scuff it will be pointing to side after the ¼ turn) (3.00)

Section 4: Cross, Side, Behind , Step back , Heel dig , Ball cross, Step back, Heel dig, Ball cross, Unwind ½ turn L
1 – 2Cross right over left, step left to left side
3&4Step right behind left, step back on left, touch right heel forward
&5Step ball of right behind left, cross left over right
&6Step back on right, touch left heel forward
&7-8Step ball of left behind right, cross right over left, unwind ½ turn left (weight finishes on left) (9.00)

Dance ends on Wall 10: Dance up to count 16 - Add ending - cross R over L unwind full to finish facing front.

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