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Chase The Wild Dreams

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Improver NC2
Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - November 2016
Are You With Me - Easton Corbin
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Weight starts on right. Dance begins on vocals. (No Tags Or Restarts)

(1-4) ¼ turn R Stepping L, Rock Behind, Recover, ¼ turn L Stepping R, Back Rock, Recover
1 2 &¼ turn R stepping L to side (1), Rock R behind L (2), Recover forward on L (&) - (end facing 3:00 wall)
3 4 &¼ turn L stepping R to side (3), Rock L back (4), Recover forward on R (&) (end facing 12:00 wall)

(5-9) L Forward, Chase turn L, Full turn R (*option for beginner), L Side
5Step L forward (5)
6&7Step R forward (6), Pivot ½ to L : weight to left (&), Step forward on R (7)
8&1½ turn R stepping L in place (8), ½ turn R stepping R in place (&), Step L to side (1) -(end on 6:00 wall)
*Option for full turn:
8&1Take two very small steps forward: Left forward (8), Right forward (&), Step L to side (1)

(10-16) R Behind, L Side, Press-Return, Step, Press-Return, Step, Forward Step Lock Step
2&Step R behind L (2), Step L to side (&)
3 4 &Press R toe forward diagonally across L (3), Return weight to L (4), Step R next to L (&)
5 6 &Press L toe forward diagonally across R (5), Return weight to R (6), Step L next to R (&)
7 8 &Step R forward (7), Lock L behind R (8), Step R forward (&)

End Of Dance. Repeat. Enjoy!

This dance was choreographed at the request of a great friend who has taught me that you never know how much the little things that you do every day can affect those around you… A friendly smile goes a long way.

Please do not altar this step sheet in any way. If using this sheet on your website please make sure it is in its original format and all contact information is included. All Rights Reserved.


Last Update - 12th Dec 2016


Marky Mark December 18, 2016
I asked for Felicia to make a dance for this song for me. Felicia saved my life a little over a year ago.I've done over 8 1/2 years of combat and live with a lot on my plate , just to say I never returned home the man I left as. The night I met her I was drinking and planning to commit suicide, she motioned for me to come to the floor to dance I didn't dance but I guess the drinking took over and I ended up on the floor. Her smile engulfed me by the end of her class she had given me a mission and it was to become a better dancer and with dancing you could dance the demons away.we've both been thru a lot over the past year in her life and in mine. She is a very close and dear friend now..I told her I owed her my life for saving me and she said that's what friends are for..thanks for believing in me felicia

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