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Cheatin' Heart

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Beginner / Intermediate
Tommy Bailey - September 2008
Your Cheatin' Heart - Crystal Shawanda : (CD: Dawn Of A New Day)
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Walk, Walk, Touch, Step, Left Sailor, Right, Sailor
1-4 Step right forward, step left forward, touch right toe next to left, step right to right
5&6 Cross left behind right, step right to side, step left to side
7&8 Cross right behind left, step left to side, step right to right

Rock, Recover, Shuffle Back, Coaster Step, Kick Ball Change
1-2 Rock forward on ball of left, recover right back
3&4 Step left back, step right together, step left back
5&6 Step back on ball of right, step ball of left next to right, step right forward
7&8 Kick left forward (point toe to floor as you kick), step left together, (quickly) change weight to right

¼ Pivot Turn To Right, Cross Shuffle, ¼ Monterey Turn To Right With Toe Switches
1-2 Step left toe forward, turn right ¼ (weight on right)
3&4 Cross left over right, step ball of right to right, cross left over right
5-6 Touch right toe to right, slide right in next to left as you turn ¼ turn to right (your right takes the weight)
7&8& Touch left toe to right, & step left beside right, touch right toe to right, & step right together

½ Pivot Turn, Shuffle, Rock Recover ¼ Cross, Step, Touch
1-2 Step forward on ball of left, turn ½ turn to right (weight on right)
3&4 Step forward on ball of left, step ball of right next to left. Step left forward
5&6 Step forward on ball of right, & turn ¼ turn to left (weight on left), cross right over left
7-8 Step left to side, touch right toe next to left



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