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Cherokee Boogie

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Bob Conner - January 2013
Cherokee Boogie - BR5-49 : (CDX 144 - iTunes)
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OR - any fast 2 step music

Start on vocals, 16 counts

Indian style dance steps moving forward
1-2Touch R toe forward, Pick up R, then step down on R
3-4Touch L toe forward, Pick up L, then step down on L
5-6Repeat 1-2
7-8Repeat 3-4

Side steps & touches
9-10Step R to R, Touch L toe next to R & clap
11-12Step L to L, Touch R toe next to L & clap
13-14Repeat 9-10
15-16Repeat 11-12

Vines with pause & cross over with heel taps
17-20Step R to R, Cross left behind R, Step R to R, Hold
21-24Facing 45o angle R, cross L over R tapping L heel, raise heel up, Repeat

25-28Step L to L, Cross R behind L, Step L to L, Hold
29-32Facing 45o angle L, cross R over L tapping R heel, raise heel up, Repeat

2 Step-pivot turn-scoots
33-34Facing 12 o'clock, Step back R, step back L (QQ)
35-36Step forward on R for 2 counts (Slow)
37-38Step forward L for 2 counts (Slow)
39-40Step forward on R (Q)

Pivot ½ CCW/L stepping forward on L facing 6 o'clock (Q)
41-42Step forward on R for 2 counts (S)
43-44Step forward on L for 2 counts (S)
45-46Step forward R, L (QQ)
47-482 scoots or jump forward on both feet


Prepared by: Ellie & Floyd Meerman, Lansing, MI


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