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Intermediate level
Joenan (AUS)
We Are Children Of THe World by Modern Talking
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(After a short intro, start counting 32 counts from heavy beat then start dance) 
(Note: Part B is mirror image of Part A, except for the last Sailor Step & 1/4 left) 
With special thanks and appreciation, we dedicate this dance to Peter & Eelin Ng (Singapore) 
Part A 
1 ? 4 Step L forward; tap R toe side; sailor cross turning ¼ right (step R behind L;turn ¼ right step L to side; cross R over L) 
5 ? 8 Step L to left and sway hips left; sway hips right; rock L back; recover on R 
9 ? 12 Turning ¼ left step forward on L; tap R toe beside L; turning ½ left step back on R; tap L toe beside R 
13-16 Rock L forward; recover on R; shuffle backward (L R L) 
17- 20 Rock R back; recover on L; turn ½ left step R forward; kick L forward 
21&22 Coaster step (step L back; step R beside L; step L forward) 
23-24 Cross R over L; recover on L; tap R toe beside L 
25&26 Sailor step (step R behind L; step L to side; step R beside L) 
27-30 Rocking chair cross (rock L forward; recover on R; rock L back;cross R over L) 
31-32 Rock L to side; step R back 
& Step L forward 
Part B 
1 ? 4 Step R forward; tap L toe to side; sailor cross turning ¼ left (step L behind R;turn ¼ left step R to side; cross L over R) 
5 ? 8 Step R to right and sway hips right; sway hips left; rock R back; recover on L 
9 ? 12 Turning ¼ right step forward on R; tap L toe beside R; turning ½ right step back on L; tap R toe beside L 
13-16 Rock R forward; recover on L; shuffle backward (R L R) 
17-20 Rock L back; recover on R; turning ½ right step L forward; kick R forward 
21-22 Coaster step (step R back; step L beside R; step R forward) 
23-24 Cross L over R; recover on R; tap L beside R 
25&26 Sailor step (step L behind R; step R to side; step L beside R) 
27-30 Rocking chair cross (rock R forward; recover on L; rock R back;cross L over R) 
31-32 Rock R to side; step L back 
& Step R forward 
2 Tags (4 counts each) 
After the 1st repetition facing 9:00 o?clock; and 
After the 3rd repetition facing 3:00 o?clock 
1-4Rocking Chair (L R L R) 
2 Restarts 
After the 2nd repetition facing back wall 6:00 o?clock; and 
After the 4th repetition facing front wall 12:00 o?clock 
Dance Part A then Restart dance from the beginning 
(Note for restarts only ? for Part A omit the last ?Step R Forward [&]?)


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