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Chili Girl
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Phrased High Beginner
Mayee Lee, M'sia (Sept 2013)
Plik Kee Noo by Bird Thongcai (CD 3:22)
Intro: Start after 32 counts or Start at 0.16 seconds
Sequence of dance : A B A A, A B A (A20), Ending (Jazz box ½ turn L), Pose

Part A (64 counts)
Sec 1 : R Rocking Chair, Rock Forward, Recover, R Back Shuffle
1 – 4Rock R forward(1), recover on L(2), rock R back(3), recover on L(4)
5 6 7&8Rock R forward(5), recover on L(6), step R back(7), step L in front of R(&), step R back(8) 12.00

Sec 2 : L Reverse Rocking Chair, Rock Back, Recover, L Forward Shuffle
1 – 4Rock L back(1), recover on R(2), rock L forward(3), recover on R(4)
5 6 7&8Rock L back(5), recover on R(6), step L forward(7), step R behind L(&), step L forward(8) 12.00

Sec 3 : Side, Together, Side Shuffle, L Jazz Box, Hold
1 – 4Step R to R(1), step L beside R(2), step R to R(3), close L beside R(7), step R to R
5 – 8Cross L over R(5), step R back(6), step L to L(7), hold(4) 12.00

Sec 4 : Touch Forward, Touch Side, Touch Forward, Hook, Jazz Box ¼ Turn R
1 – 4Touch R forward(1), Touch R to R(2), Touch R forward(3), hook R over L push hip back(4)
5 – 8Cross R over L(5), ¼ turn R step L back(6), step R to R(7), step L forward(8) 3.00

Sec 5 : Touch Side, Forward, Touch Side, Forward, Rock R Forward, Recover, ¼ Turn R, Together
1 – 4Touch R to R(1), step R forward(2), touch L to L(3), step L forward(4)
5 – 8Rock R forward(5), recover on L(6), ¼ turn R step R to R(7)(6.00), step L beside R(8) 6.00

Sec 6 : Diagonal R, Touch, Diagonal L Shuffle (x 2)
1 2 3&4Step R to diagonal R(1), touch L beside R(2), step L to diagonal L(3), step R behind L(&), step L to diagonal L(4)
5 6 7&8Repeat counts 1 – 4 [6.00]

Sec 7 : R Forward, Pivot ½ Turn L, Forward R Shuffle, L Forward, Pivot ½ Turn R, Forward L Shuffle
1 2 3&4Step R forward(1), pivot ½ turn L step L forward(2), step R forward (3), step L behind R(&), step R forward(4)
5 6 7&8Step L forward(5), pivot ½ turn R step R forward(6), step L forward (3), step R behind R(&), step L forward(4) 6.00

Sec 8 : R Side Mambo, Hold, L Side Mambo, Hold
1 2 3&4Rock R to R(1), recover on L(2), step R beside L(3), hold(4)
5 6 7&8Rock L to L(5), recover on R(6), step L beside R(7), hold(8) 6.00

Part B (32 counts)
Sec 1 : R Forward, Hold 3 Counts, Side, Hold, Touch, Hold
1 – 4Step R forward(1), hold(2-4)
5 – 8Step L to L(3), Hold(4), touch R beside L(7), hold(8)
(Hand Styling : Raise up both hands(1), cross both hands on chest(3), put L hand to L(5), put R hand behind ear(7)

Sec 2 : Cross Rock R, Recover, R Side Shuffle, Cross Rock L, Recover, L Side Shuffle
1 2 3&4Cross R over L(1), recover on L(2), step R to R(3), close L beside R(&), step R to R(4)
5 6 7&8Cross L over R(5), recover on R(6), step L to L(7), close R beside L(&), step L to L(8)

Sec 3 : Repeat Part B Section 1

Sec 4 : Repeat Part B Section 2

Please enjoy the dance with your own attitude !!!!

Contact : mayeeleeyy@gmail.com

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