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CHRISTMAS With A Capital "C"

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Easy Intermediate
Amy Christian (USA) - November 2009
Christmas With a Capital "C" - Go Fish : (Album: Snow)
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Intro : 44 counts on the heavy beat. (0.44secs into the music).

Back Shuffle X 2, Rock Back, Recover, Pivot ½
1&2 Step back on R, Step L next to R, Step back on R,
3&4 Step back on L, Step R next to L, Step back on L,
5-6 Step back on R, Recover on L,
7-8 Step fwd on R, Pivot ½ turn left, stepping fwd on L,

Rocking Chair, Pivot ¼, Pivot ¼
1-4 Rock fwd on R, Recover on L, Rock back on R, Recover on L,**
**(Second Restart happens here on Wall 10)
5-6 Step fwd on R, Pivot ¼ turn left on L,
7-8 Step fwd on R, Pivot ¼ turn left on L, *
*(First Restart happens here on Wall 3)

Touch Fwd, Touch Side, Coaster Step, Cross, Side, Sailor 1/4
1-2 Touch R across L, Touch R diagonally fwd,
3&4 R Coaster Step,
5-6 Step L across R, Step R to right side,
7&8 1/4 Sailor step turning left,

Little Hop Fwd, Little Hop Back, Out, Out, Hold, Arms, Hold ***
&1-2 Little hop fwd, R, L, feet together, Hold(2),
&3-4 Little hop back, R, L, feet together, Hold(4),
&5-6 Step R to right side, Step L to left side, Hold(6),
7-8 Bring arms out to sides, palms facing fwd, Hold, (On the chorus parts, use arms to make the letter “C”).

Restarts There are 2 Restarts.
First restart happens on Wall 3, after 16 cts into the dance.
Second restart happens on Wall 10, after 12 cts into the dance, (after the Rocking Chair).

The Finish ***
The last wall of the dance will end facing the front wall. Just repeat the last 8 counts of the dance again & end with a HOLD on that Letter “C” pose!!!!!

Have fun with it!!! Merry CHRISTmas everybody!!!
Thanks Ranae for asking me to write a dance to this cute song, with a good message!



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