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Church Bells

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Jessica Wegmann – October 2018
Church Bells by Carrie Underwood (iTunes)
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Intro : 16 counts, dance begins on vocal « Jenny grew up wild, like a blackfoot daisy ».

Sequence: see end of script

[1-8] Heel switches 3x hook heel flick, shuffle back, coaster step
1&2&Touch R heel, step together, touch L heel, step together
3&4&Touch R heel, hook R across L, touch R heel, flick R
5&6Step R back, step L together, step R back
7&8Step l back, step R together, step L fwd

[9-16] Rocking chair, ¼ turn L, stomp 2x
1-2Rock R fwd, recover L back
3-4Rock R back, recover L fwd
5-6Step R fwd, ¼ turn L stepping L to L side
7-8Stomp R in place, stomp L in place

[17-24] R rumba box back, rolling vine
1&2Step R to R side, step L together, step R back
3&4Step L to L side, step R together, step L fwd
5 – 8¼ turn R, stepping R, ½ turn R stepping L back, ¼ turn R stepping R to R, touch L

[25-32] ¼ turn L sailor step, 2 claps, 4 step touches in front & back R diagonals
1&2Cross L behind R, 1/8 turn L stepping R next to L, 1/8 turn L stepping L fwd
3-4Touch R next to L, hold, clap at when touching R and clap on the hold
5&6&Step R touch L in R diagonal fwd, Step L touch R in L diagonal backwards
7&8&Step R touch L in R diagonal backwards, Step L touch R in L diagonal fwd

Sequence (don’t be scared: the music tells you what to do)

Wall 1: 32 counts
Wall 2: 16 counts, Tag1 (2 claps)
Wall 3: 32 counts (starts facing 3 o’clock)
Wall 4: 8 counts, restart (starts facing 9 o’clock)
Wall 5: 32 counts
Wall 6: 16 counts, Tag1 (2 claps) (starts facing 3 o’clock)
Wall 7: 32 counts (starts facing 12 o’clock)
Wall 8: 32 counts (starts facing 6 o’clock)
Wall 9: 16 counts, Tag2 (4 claps) (starts facing 12 o’clock)
Wall 10: 32 counts (starts facing 9 o’clock

Optional finish:
You will be facing 3 o’clock: dance the heel switches in counts 1-4, and pose with head turned to the left

( 04:55:30)


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