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Ciao Bella

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Beginner / Improver - Samba rhythm
Gordon Timms (UK) - July 2015
Bella Sirena by The Mario Riccardi Orchestra (3.44 length version)
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Musical introduction - 32 Counts. - Start on the vocals… [97 BPM - Track time: 3:44 mins]
Please Note - No Tags Or Restarts!!

Samba Walks, Step Lock Step, Quarter Turn and Side, Diagonal Right ‘Volta’
1 - 2Walk Forward Right, Walk Forward Left. (One foot in front of other and use the hips!)
3 & 4Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward.
5 - 6Turning ¼ turn right step back on left, Step right to right side. (3:00)
7 & 8On a slightly forward diagonal, Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left over right..
FACES: 3:00

Quarter Turn and Side, Diagonal Left ‘Volta’, Step, Half Turn Pivot Right, Step, Lock, Step.
1 - 2Turning ¼ turn left step back on right, Step left to left side. (12:00)
3 & 4On a slightly backward diagonal, Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right over left.
5 - 6Step back on Left pivot ½ turn right (5) Step forward on to Right (6) (6:00)
7 & 8Step left forward, lock right behind left, step left forward.
FACES: 6:00

Step, Touch, Low Kick Across, Side Step, & Touch, Two low flicks, Behind Side Cross.
1 - 2Step right to right side, touch left toe next to right instep. (Keep weight on Right)
3 & 4Low kick forward on left over right, long step left to left side, touch right foot next to left.
5- 6With the Right foot, flick it twice on the Right diagonal (1)(2) keeping the toe pointing down!!
7 & 8Step Right behind Left, step Left to Left side, cross step Right over Left.
FACES: 6:00

‘Boto Fogos’ to the Right and Left, Rock, Replace, Sway, Modified Forward Coaster Step.
1 a 2Rock left out to left side, recover on to right, travelling slightly forward cross left over right.
3 a 4Rock right out to right side, recover on to left, travelling slightly forward cross right over left.
5 - 6Rock Left out to Left side (5) Recover weight on to Right(6)
7 & 8Sway weight on to Left, Step Right next to Left, Step Left slightly forward..
FACES: 6:00

FINISH: Last strains of music….! Facing the front…two ‘Corta Jaca’ steps look good at the end?)
NOTE: Kicks and Flicks in Latin dances are always done from the knee action…keeping the toe of your foot pointing down to the floor.


Line Dance Latin with Gordon & Glenys (UK)
Home: 01793 490697 Mobile: 07787 383059

I am dedicating this dance to a dear line dance friend and instructor – Sally George – Eugene – Oregon - USA.


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