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Circle Polka (P)

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Beginner Partner / Circle
Unknown - March 2016
Una Paloma Blanca - Bobby Vinton
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Position: Form a circle, man stands next to the lady on the left, holding lady’s hands in sweetheart position;
or hand in hand and travel forward together in a circle.

Intro: 16 counts

Heel Touch, Together, Toe Tap Back Twice, Heel Touch, Together, Heel Touch, Heel Hook
1-2Touch L heel diagonally to left, step L next to R
3-4Touch R toe back twice
5-6Touch R heel diagonally to right, step R next to L
7-8Touch L heel diagonally to left again, hook L heel across R in the form of figure 4

4 Shuffles Forward
1&2L shuffle forward stepping left-right-left
3&4R shuffle forward stepping right-left-right
5&6L shuffle forward stepping left-right-left
7&8R shuffle forward stepping right-left-right

Walk x3 towards Left diagonal, Kick Left with your R; Walk x3 towards Right diagonal, Kick Right with your L
1-4Walk left 3 steps, kick to diagonal left with your R
5-8Walk right 3 steps, kick to diagonal right with your L

Step, Kick; Step, Kick; Walk Step Forward x 2; Stomp x 2
1-2Step L to left, kick left with your R
3-4Step R next to L, kick right with your L
5-6Walk forward stepping left-right
7-8Stomp twice left-right




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