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Circle World (윤도-동그라미 세상)

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Jisung Bae (KOR) & Hyunji Chung (KOR)
트롯가수 윤도 "동그라미 세상"(Yun Do by "Circle World")
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Info : Intro 16 counts Start

[1~8] Cross,Side,Cross Behind,Point,Cross,Touch,Side Shuffle
1,2,3,4RF- cross over L(1),LF- step L to L side(2),RF- cross R behind L(3),LF- point L toe to L side(4)
5,6,7&8LF- cross over R(5),RF- touch R next to L(6),RF- step R to R side(7),LF- step L next to R(&),RF- step R to R side

[9~16] Back,Touch,Together,Touch,sway L,R,L,R
1,2,3,4LF- step back(1),RF - forward touch(2),RF- step R next to L(3),LF- forward touch(4)
5,6,7,8LF- step L to Lside as you sway R (5),sway body R transferring weight R,(6)sway body L(7),sway body R(8)

[17~24]Rolling Turn,,Brush,Rocking Chair
1,2,3,4LF turn 1/4 L stepping forward(1),RF- turn 1/2 L stepping back(2),LF- turn 1/4 L step L side(3),RF- brush forward
5,6,7,8RF- rock forward(5),LF- recover(6),RF- rock back(7),LF- recover

[25~32] 1/4 R Turn Toe Strut,Toe Strut Fwd,Out,Out,Fwd Touch,Flick
1,2,3,4RF- 1/4 R turn step forward on toes(1),RF- heel down(2),LF- step forward on toes(3),LF- heel down(4)
5,6,7,8RF- out to the R(5),LF- out to the L(6),RF- forward touch(7),RF- flicking back

*Tag Hip Bumpx4(after 4w,after 9w,after 11w)
1,2,3,4RF- step L to L side touch up and downx4(1,2,3,4)

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