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Easy Intermediate
Jennifer Jou (Taiwan) & Penny Tan (Malaysia) November 2019
Circles by Post Malone
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Intro:64 counts - *No Tag,No Restart

SEC1: Side,Behind,Cross,Side,Behind,Cross,Walk Fwd R-L ,Fwd Shuffle
1-2&Step RF to R,step LF behind RF, cross RF over LF
3-4&Step LF to L,step RF behind LF ,cross LF over RF
5-6Walk fwd R ,walk fwd L
7&8Fwd shuffle R-L-R

SEC2: Step Fwd , 1/2 Turn R,Step Fwd ,1/4 Paddle Turn L x2 ,Cross Shuffle
1&2Step LF fwd,1/2 turn R step RF fwd,step LF fwd(6:00)
3-4Step RF fwd,pivot 1/4 turn L (9:00)
5-6.Step RF fwd, pivot 1/4 turn L(12:00)
7&8Cross RF over LF, step LF to L , cross RF over LF

SEC3: Side Rock,Recover,Behind,Side,Cross,Diagonal Rocking Chair
1 2Rock LF to L,recover on RF
3&4Step Lf behind RF,step RF to R,cross LF over RF
5-8Rock fwd RF to R diagonal,recover on LF, rock back RF to L diagonal,recover on LF (1:30)

SEC4: Side,Close,Cross Shuffle,Side Rock,1/4 L Back,Coaster
1-21/8 turn L,Step RF to R.close LF behind RF (12:00)
3&4Cross RF over LF, step LF to L , cross RF over LF
5-6Rock LF to L,1/4 turn L step RF back 9:00
7&8Step LF back,step RF beside LF,step LF fwd

SEC5: ( Forward,Pivot 1/2 L)x2,V step
1-4Step RF fwd,pivot 1/2 turn L,step RF fwd,pivot 1/2 turn L
5-6Step RF out into R diagonal,step LF out into L diagonal
7-8Step RF back,step LF together

SEC6: Syncopated Touch ,Step ,Touch ,Step, Touch ,Hitch ,Step , Back Rock,Recover,Back Rock,Recover
1&2&Syncopated touch RF fwd , step RF next to LF,touch LF fwd , step LF next to RF
3&4Touch R fwd , hitch RF, step RF next to LF
5&6Rock LF behind RF,recover RF on R, step LF to L
7&8Rock RF behind LF,recover LF on L , step RF to R

SEC7: Forward Shuffle x2,Fwd Rock,Recover,1/2 L Forward Shuffle
1&2Step LF fwd,step RF behind LF,step LF fwd
3&4Step RF fwd,step LF behind RF,step RF fwd
5-6Rock LF fwd,recover on RF
7&81/4 turn L step LF to L,step RF beside LF,1/4 turn L step LF fwd

SEC8: Cross,Touch ,Cross,Touch,1/4 R Jazz box
1-2Cross RF over LF,touch LF to L
3-4Cross LF over RF,touch RF to R
5-8Cross RF over LF, 1/4 turn R step LF back to L , step RF to R , cross LF over RF


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