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Circus Circus Circus

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Joenan (AUS) - January 2010
Gonna Walk That Line by Randy Travis
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Count in: 16 counts

Rock, Recover, Step Right, Step Back, Cross Step, Step Left, Rock, Recover
1-8 Rock back on Right, recover onto Left, step Right to right side, step back on Left, cross step Right over Left, step Left to left side, rock back on Right, recover onto Left

Triple Step ½ Turn Left, Shuffle Back, Rock, Recover, Point, Point
1&2 Turning ½ turn left triple step on Right, Left, Right
3&4 Shuffle back on Left, Right, Left
5-8 Rock back on Right, recover onto left, point Right toe forward, point Right toe forward

Coaster Step, Shuffle Forward, Walk, Walk, Shuffle Forward
1&2 Step back on Right, step Left together, step forward on Right
3&4 Shuffle forward on Left, Right, Left
5-6 Walk forward on Right, Left
7&8 Shuffle forward on Right, Left, Right

Pivot ½ Turn Right, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Triple Step ½ Turn Right
1-2 Step forward on Left, pivot turn ½ right onto Right
3-6 Walk forward on Left, Right, Left, Right
7&8 Turning ½ turn right triple step on Left, Right, Left


Restart: End of wall 3 facing back wall dance the first 16 counts then Restart

Choreographer’s note:
This dance tells the story of a young girl whose father performs the trapeze act. The father is training his daughter to walk on the trapeze. Of course the daughter is afraid. After some encouragement from her father she gathers her courage but she still need to test out whether the trapeze cable is strong. So with her toes she tests the trapeze line by tapping it (Section 2 counts 7 and 8). All ends well and the girl eventually becomes the star of the trapeze act. For styling, raise both arms to balance while walking the trapeze line (Section 4 counts 3-6)



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