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City of Angels

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Brenda Shatto (USA) - September 2015
Just Another Day - Caitlin Crosby : (Album: Save that Pillow - 3:43)
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Note: One Restart on wall 5 at count 36. Wall 5 starts at 12:00 and the Restart happens facing 3:00.

Intro: Start on lyrics at 11 seconds. Start facing slightly right on diagonal of 12:00, weight on left.

[1-8] Back rock, recover, circular walk ½ turn left, walk x3
1,2Cross rock R behind, recover forward L (1:00)
3&4&Small walks forward and circling left towards 6:00, R,L,R,L Styling: Roll through feet, heel to toe
5,6Continue circle walking R,L (6:00)
7&8Heading toward left diagonal, walk forward R,L,R (4:30)

[9-16] Rock, recover, left triple step, back, touch, recover, left chase ½ turn
1,2Rock forward on L, recover to R
3&4Step back L, step R next to L, step back L
&5,6Step back R angle body to right and look over right shoulder, touch L forward, recover to L (4:30)
7&8Step forward R, pivot ½ turn left and step L, step forward R (10:30)

[17-24] Rock, recover, left triple step, toe fans, right coaster step
1,2Rock forward L and dip L shoulder forward, recover to R
3&4Step back L, step R next to L, step back L
5Step R back rolling from toe to heel and fan L toes outward
6Step L back rolling from toe to heel and fan R toes outward
7&8Step R back, step L next to R, step R forward

[25-32] Kick, cross, side rock, recover (X2), cross, back, triple ½ turn left
1&2&Kick L across right, step L across R, rock R to right side & turn ⅛ left, recover L in place (9:00)
3&4&Kick R across left, step R across L, rock L to left side, recover R in place (move slightly forward on counts 14&)
5,6Cross L over R, step R back
7&8Turn ¼ left step L to left, step R next to L, turn ¼ left step L forward

[33-40] Heel, heel, back, left triple back, hitch, big step back, L back mambo step
&1,2Step R heel out and forward, step L heel out and forward, step R back
3&4Step L back, step R next to L, step L back* *Restart on Wall 5
&5,6Hitch R knee forward, step R back a big step, drag L to R
7&8Rock L back, recover to R, step forward L

[41-48] Step, hip circle, right triple step/prep, left spiral turn, L forward mambo step
1,2Step R forward, ½ turn left moving hips counter-clockwise and weight to L
3&4Step R forward, step L next to R, step R forward and prep for turn
5,6Over 2 counts Spiral turn ⅞ left on R foot allowing L to hook across R (10:00)
7&8Rock L forward, recover to R, step L back

Begin dance again. :)

Thanks to my friend, Dave, for the song suggestion.
Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If you would like to use it on your website, it must be used
in its original format. Contact the choreographer with your questions. ~


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