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Clap Clap Clap

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Phrased Intermediate
Amy Glass (USA) - November 2016
Clap Your Hands - Leo Soul : (iTunes, amazon)
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#16 count intro. Phrasing: AA BB AA BB AA BB

Section A: 32 counts
[1-8] Rock, Recover, Coaster, Step Pivot ½, Walk x2
1-2Rock forward on RF, Recover weight on LF
3&4Step back on RF, Step LF next to RF, Step RF forward
5-6Step LF forward, Pivot ½ R (6:00)
7-8Walk forward L, R

[9-17] Dip Touch L, R with Arms, Sway L, R, L, Chasse ¼ R
1-2Dip to L while stepping LF to L side & lifting L arm flexing bicep, Touch RF in place
3-4Dip to R while stepping RF to R side &lifting R arm flexing bicep, Touch LF in place
5-6-7Sway L, R, L (bringing arms down slowly during these 3 counts)
8&1Step RF to R, Close LF next to R, Step forward on RF turning ¼ R (9:00)

[18-24] Scuff, Touch, Hip Bump, Dorothy x2
2-3Scuff LF, Touch LF forward
&4&Lift L hip up, Return to center, Finish with weight L
56&Step forward (diagonal) on RF, Lock LF behind RF, Step forward on RF
78&Step forward (diagonal) on LF, Lock RF behind LF, Step forward on LF

[25-32] Rock Recover, ½ R, Walk x, Cross ¼ R, Side, Rock Back, Recover
1-2Rock forward on RF, Recover weight back on LF
3-4Turn ¼ R stepping RF to R, Turn ¼ R walking forward on LF (3:00)
5-6Cross RF over LF while turning ¼ R, Step LF to L side (6:00)
7-8Rock back on RF, Recover forward on LF
Option: Counts 3-6 turn 1 ¾ R [Turn ½ R stepping forward R (3), ½ R stepping back L (4), ½ R stepping forward R (5), ¼ R stepping side L (6)]

Section B: 32 counts
[33-40] Walk x3 to 1:30 Diagonal, Clap x3, Turn ½ and walk to 7:30 Diagonal, Clap x3
1-2-3Walk forward R, L, R (1:30)
&4&Clap hands together above the R shoulder x3 (prep for ½ turn L to 7:30 diagonal)
5-6-7Turn ½ L walking forward L, R, L (7:30)
&8&Clap hands together next to the L hip x3

[41-48] Rock R, Recover, Rock L, Recover, Heel & Heel & Vaudeville
1-2&Rock RF to R, Recover weight on LF, Close RF next to LF (7:30)
3-4&Rock LF to L, Recover weight on RF, Close LF next to RF
5&6&Touch R heel forward, Step RF next to LF, Touch L heel forward, Step LF next to RF
7&8&Cross RF over LF, Step LF back, Touch R heel forward, Close RF next to LF

[49-56] Walk x3, Out, Out, In, Cross, Slow Unwind 7/8 to R
1-2-3Walk forward L, R, L
&4&5Step RF out, LF out, RF in, Cross LF over RF
6-7-8Slow unwind ¾ to 6:00 wall-end weighted L [Styling: arms straight by sides, palms down, bounce heels]

[57-64] Triple Step R Jazz Box (Small triples)
1&2R cross shuffle (Cross RF over LF, LF to L, Cross RF over LF)
3&4L triple step back (Step back on LF, Step RF next to LF, Step LF back)
5&6R chasse (Step RF to R, Close LF next to RF, Step RF to R)
7&8L triple step forward (Step forward on LF, Step RF next to LF, Step forward on LF)

Have fun!


Last Update - 8th Dec 2016


CeeCee May 1, 2017
I'm shocked that there have been 50 votes on this dance and only a rating of about 2.5 stars!! This is one fantastically fun dance and rates up with the best of them!!!

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