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C'mon C'mon

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High Beginner
Yeo Yu Puay (MY) - July 2014
C'mon, C'mon - One Direction : (Album: Take Me Home)
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Intro: 16 counts

[1-8] Out out(heels) in in (V-shape), 1/2 pivot, 1/4 pivot
1-2Step R heel forward into right diagonal(1), step L heel out to left, shoulder width apart(2)
3-4Step R back into centre(3), step L beside R(4)
5-6Step R forward(5), pivot 1/2 left, shifting weight to L(6) (6.00)
7-8Step R forward(7), pivot 1/4 left, shifting weight to L(8) (3.00)

[9-16] Weave left, cross point (R&L)
1-2Cross R over L(1), step L to left(2)
3-4Cross R behind L(3), step L to left(4)
5-6Cross R over L(5), point L to left(6)
7-8Cross L over R(7), point R to right(8)

[17-24] Jazz box with 1/4 turn (2x)
1-2Cross R over L(1), step L back(2)
3-4Turning 1/4 right, step R to right(3), Step L forward(4) (6.00)
5-6Cross R over L(5), step L back(6)
7-8Turning 1/4 right, step R to right(7), step L forward(8) (9.00)
RESTART HERE on Walls 2 and 6 (both facing 6.00)

[25-32] Syncopated Jumps with claps, Press & Shimmy
1&2Take a small jump to right, stepping R to right(1), L next to R(&), clap(2)
&3,4Take a small jump to right, stepping R to right(&), L next to R(3), clap(4)
(Note: during the chorus, the jumps hit the words “C’mon c’mon”)
5-6-7-8Press R to right shimmying shoulders for 4 counts, slowly leaning all the way to the right. Quickly shift weight back to L before starting dance again

Start again!

Restarts: After counts 24 on walls 2 & 6 (both facing 6.00)


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