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Begin with your back to the "front wall," feet hip distance apart
1-2Bend right knee in, looking over your left shoulder; hold one beat
3-4Straightening right knee, bend left knee inward, looking over right shoulder; hold one beat
5-8Straightening left knee, circle hips once to the left (to the left) for four beats
&1Picking up right foot, spin ½ to right on ball of left foot, land with right foot hip distance apart from left
2Hold one beat
3-4Lift/drop heels twice
&5Step left foot next to right, step right foot to right side
6Hold and snap fingers
&7Step left foot next to right, step right foot to right side
8Hold and snap fingers
1Rock left across right, angling body ¼ to right
2Recover back on right, return to center angle
3&4Shuffle left-right-left to turn ¼ to left
5-6Step forward right, slightly across left (5); snap fingers (6)
7-8Step forward left, slightly across right (&); snap fingers (8)
1-2Rock forward on right foot; recover back on left
3Long step backward on right foot
4Slide left foot back to right
5&6Step left behind right, small step to right to turn ¼ to right, step left to left side
7-8Lift right knee across body; step down with right hip distance from left



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