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Colada Kick

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Paul Snooke (AUS) & Jo Kinser (UK) - August 2018
Escape (Pina Colada Song) Radio Mix - 3:56 min - 138 bpm
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(Dance rotates in an anticlockwise direction)

Intro: Start on the lyrics 32 counts in (0.18)

[1-8] Walk Forward RL, Charleston, Step Forward, 1/4 Turn R and Flick LF
1-2Step RF forward, Step LF forward
3-4Step RF forward, LF low kick forward
5-6Step LF back, Touch R Toe back
7-8Step RF forward, 1/4 right and Flick LF [3:00]

[9-16] Cross Side Cross Hold, Scissor Step, Hold
1-2LF cross over right, RF step side right
3-4LF cross over right, Hold
5-6RF step side right, LF step next to right
7-8RF cross over left, Hold

[17-24] Side Touch – Side Touch, Side – Hold, Hip Bump R&L
1-2LF step side left, RF touch next to left
3-4RF step side right, LF touch next to right
5-6LF step side left, Hold
7-8Bump Hip Right, Bump Hip Left

[25-32] R&L Diagonal Step Touches Forwards with Claps, 1/2 Walk Around Turn Right
1-2RF step diagonally forward right, Touch LF next to right and Clap
3-4LF step diagonally forward left, Touch RF next to left and Clap
5-8Walk RLRL 1/2 turn over your right shoulder waving hands above your head [9:00]

Contact info: - +44 7915 043205 - +61 434 088 011

Last Update – 30th Oct. 2018


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