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Improver / Intermediate
Kerry Maus (USA) & Sara Young - Feburary 2014
Collarbone by Fujiya & Miyagi; Album: Transparent Things
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* FIRST PLACE WINNER in Choreography competition at the 2013 FT. WAYNE DANCE FOR ALL *

(Start the dance 32 counts in with the hard down beat.) No Restarts.

Counts 1-4 (Four ¼ Turns making a diamond shape on the floor.
Fluid full turn stepping around at each 45º angle) end up facing home wall.
1Step R foot forward, ¼ turn L, sweeping L foot beside R and into next step.
2Step L foot 45º backwards, ¼ turn L, sweeping R foot beside L into next step.
3Step R foot 45º forward, ¼ turn L sweeping L beside R and into next step.
4Step L foot out 45º backwards, ¼ turn to the L touch R foot beside L.

Counts 5-8 Step Out-Out, Step In-In
&Step R side R - Out,
5Step L side L- Out,
6Step R back home- In, to front center
7Cross L foot over R stepping forward
8Cross R foot over L stepping forward

Counts 9-12 Heel Crosses with 45º Slide forward
9Weight on the R foot, L heel touch out to 45º angle
10Cross L over R keeping weight on R
11Step weight on to L foot at a 45º angle
12Slide R foot to meet L;

Counts 13-16 Heel Crosses with 45º Slide forward
13Weight on the L foot, R heel touch out to 45º angle
14Cross R over L keeping weight on L
15Step weight on to R foot at a 45º angle
16Slide L foot to meet R

Counts 17-20 Heel Jacks 1/4 turn Left
17Step L foot to L side (&), Cross R over L (1),
18Step L to L side(&), touch R heel forward (2)
19step R foot to R side (&), cross L over R (3) while turning 1/4 to L.
20Step R to R side(&) Left Heel forward(4)

Counts 21-24 Rolling grapevine
21Step L foot 1/4 turn L
22Step R foot 1/4 turn L
23Step L foot 1/2 turn L,
24Tap R foot next to L keeping weight on L foot

Counts 25-28 Hip sway
25Step R to R side
26Sway into side body roll with hips to the R
27Step L to L side
28Sway into side body roll with hips to the L

Counts 29-32 Hip bumps
29Hip bump R,
30Hip bump L,
31Hip bump R,
32Hip bump L (weight to L)

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