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Roy Verdonk (NL), Christopher Gonzalez (USA) & Nadja van den Eeden (NL) - July 2020
Colors - Black Pumas
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Intro : 32 counts (appr. 20 seconds into music)

S1: Dorothy Step R, Step Out L, Flick Behind R, Step Out R, Flick Behind L, Step L With Body Roll, Modified Weave, Unwind Full Turn L With Sweep L
1-2&RF step right diagonal forward, LF lock behind RF, RF step right diagonal forward (&)
3&LF step left, RF flick behind LF(&)
4&RF step right, LF flick behind RF
5LF step left (optional : small body roll)
6&7RF cross behind LF, LF step left (&), RF cross in front of LF
8unwind full turn left sweeping LF from front to back

S2: Modified Weave, Side R, Touch Together L, Side L, Kick Forward R On L Diagonal, Back R, Touch Forward L, Step Forward L With Sweep, 1/8 Turn L, Cross R, Side L, Point R Side
1&2LF cross behind RF, RF step right (&), LF cross in front of RF
&3RF step right (&), LF touch next to RF
&4LF step left (&), RF kick forward on left diagonal (10.30)
&5RF step back on diagonal on bended knee (10.30)(&), LF point forward with bended knee (sitting position, weight remains on RF)
6LF step forward sweeping RF from back to front making 1/8 turn left (09.00)
7&8RF cross in front of LF, LF step left (&), RF point right

S3: Ball/ Cross, 1/4 Turn R, Forward R, Syncopated Rock Forward L/ Recover R, Slide Back L, Ball/ Step Forward L, 1/4 Turn R, Sway R/L, Ball/ Cross
&1RF make small step behind LF (&), LF cross in front of RF
2make 1/4 turn right stepping RF forward
3&4LF rock forward, recover onto RF (&), LF take big step back
&5RF step together (&), LF step forward making 1/4 turn right (03.00)
6-7RF step right swaying hips right, sway hips left
&8RF make small step behind LF (&), LF cross in front of RF

S4: 1/2 Turn L With Sweep, Sailor Step Into Boogie Walks Forward (L/R/L), Forward R, 1/2 Turn L, Forward L, Out/ Out/ Ball/ Cross
1make 1/4 turn left stepping back RF continuing another 1/4 turn left on RF sweeping LF from front to back (09.00)
2&LF cross behind RF, RF step slightly forward right (&)
3&4LF small step forward, RF small step forward (&), LF small step forward (*)
(*these "runs" forward can be done as "boogie walks")
5-6RF step forward, make 1/2 turn left stepping LF forward (03.00)
&7RF step right (&), LF step left
&8RF make small step behind LF(&), LF cross in front of RF


coline July 12, 2020
great dance and choreography

XEMA July 30, 2021
Beautiful music and choreo.

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