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Come Along Please

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Easy Improver Charleston style
Kate Sala (UK) - April 2015
'Come Along Please' by Bob Wallis & His Storyville Jazz Band. [2.28 mins.]
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#16 count intro, so completing 1 full wall before the singing.

Right Diagonal Step Lock, Step Lock Step, Left Diagonal Walk x 2, Mambo Step.
1 2Step R forward to right diagonal. Lock step L behind R.
3 & 4Step R forward to right diagonal. Lock step L behind R. Step R forward to right diagonal.
5 6Facing left diagonal walk forward on L, R.
7 & 8Rock forward on L, Recover on to R. Step back on L.

Walk back x 2, Sailor 1/4 Turn Right, Touch Flick Touch, Coaster Step.
1 2Facing front wall, walk back on R, L.
3 & 4Cross step R behind L. Turn 1/4 right stepping L to left side. Step R in place. 3 o’clock
(For easier option replace the sailor 1/4 turn right with cha cha cha steps in place turning 1/4 right.
5 & 6Touch L toe forward. Flick L foot back to left diagonal. Touch L toe forward.
7 & 8Step back on L. Step R next to L. Step forward on L.

Charleston Step Forward & Back, Heel Dig x 2, Behind Side Cross.
1 2Touch R toe forward (or low kick). Step back on R.
3 4Touch L toe back. Step forward on L.
5 6Dig R heel forward to right diagonal x 2.
7 & 8Cross step R behind L. Step L to left side. Cross step R over L.

Walk Around Turning Left x 4, Step Forward, Together, Pigeon Toes x 2.
1 - 4Full turn walk around in a circle turning over left shoulder on L, R, L, R. 3 o’clock
5 6Step forward on L. Step R next to L.
& 7Swivel both heels out. Bring both heels together.
& 8Swivel both heels out. Bring both heels together.

Start Again Enjoy!


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