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Come On, Come On (& dance with me)
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Michelle Risley (Peace-Train) Sept 2013
Come Dance With me – Michael Buble
Prissy walks Forward x 2, R Lock Step, L Rocking Chair
1-2Step Forward on R & slightly across L, Step Forward on L & Slightly across R
3&4Step Forward R, Lock L behind, Step Forward R
5-6L Rock Forward, Recover onto R
7-8L rock Back, recover onto R

¼ Turn R, Cross Shuffle, Side-Together, Side Shuffle
1-2Step forward L, make ¼ turn R (weight on R ) (3oc)
3&4Cross L over R, Step R to side, Cross L over R
5-6Step R to Side, L together
7&8Step R to side, L together, Step R to side
Styling: counts 5-8 ‘dance with me’ using arms as if holding a partner & cuban hips

Diagonal Rocking Chair, Cross Rock, ¼ L Shuffle
1-2Facing R dia, Cross Rock L forward, recover onto R
3-4Rock back on L dia, recover onto R
5-6Facing R dia, Cross Rock L forward, recover onto R,
7&8Step L to side, R together, turn ¼ turn L (12oc)
** Wall 3 – dance up to and including count 24 you will now be facing 6 o'c wall to Restart.

½ Turn L, Kick, step back, Kick, Coaster step, Kick- ¼ Turn-Point
1-2Make ½ turn L stepping back on R, Kick L to left diagonal (6oc)
3-4Step back on L, Kick R to R Diagonal
5&6R Coaster Step
7&8Kick L forward, make ¼ L as you step on L, Point R to Side (Pow!) (3oc)

Cross, Sweep, Samba Step, Jazz Box, Cross
1-2Cross R over L, Sweep L from back to front
3&4Cross L over R, Side rock R, recover on L (this will turn to a slight L dia)
5-6Cross R over L, Step back L,
7-8Step R Side, Cross L over R (3oc)

R Side Shuffle, Rock Back, L Weave,
1&2Step R to Side, L together, R Step Side (3oc)
3-4Rock Back on L, Recover on R
5-6Step L to side, R behind,
7-8Step L to side, step R across L

L Shuffle, Rock Back, 1 & ¼ Rolling Vine R (dip)
1&2Step L to Side, R together, L Step Side
3-4Rock Back on R, Recover on L
5-6¼ turn R stepping forward R, ½ R stepping back L,
7-8½ R step forward on R, Step L forward and slightly across R (bend knees slightly (dip!) (6oc)

Point, Step, Point, Step, ¼ Hip Roll, Touch, Out-In
1-2Point R toe to R side, Step forward R slightly across L (Dip)
3-4Point L toe to L side, Step forward L slightly across R (Dip)
5-6Touch R toe forward , roll hips anti-clockwise making a ¼ turn L ( keep weight on L) (3oc)
7&8Touch R toe next to left (7), Point R Toe Out to Side (&), touch R in place (8) (9oc)
Styling: counts &8 Push hips R & centre

Start Again!

Restart - Wall 3 dance up to and including count 24 you will now be facing 6 o'c wall to Restart.

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