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Come On Go West
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Improver / Intermediate
Carrie Ann Green – Almeria, Spain (August 2014)
Village People – Go West - iTunes
Start on Vocals - No Tags, No restarts

Section 1: Rocking chair forward right, Step Pivot ½ x 2
1-4Rock R forward. Recover onto L. Rock R back. Recover onto L
5-8Step ball of R forward. Pivot ½ turn L (6.00) Step ball of R forward. Pivot ½ turn L (12.00)

Section 2: Grapevine Right, Ball Cross ¼ turn, Shuffle ½ turn
1-4Step R to R Side, step L behind R, Step R to R, touch left next to right
&5,6Step slightly back on ball of L Cross step R over L, make a ¼ turn R, stepping back on L (3.00)
7&8Shuffle half turn R over R shoulder, stepping:- Right, Left, Right (9.00)

Section 3: L Forward Rock, L Coaster Step, R Kickball Step, Bounce x 2 - ¼ Right
1-2Rock forward on Left, rock back on to Right
3&4Step back on Left, step Right beside Left, step forward on Left
5&6Kick Right fwd. step Right beside Left, step fwd Left
7-8Bounce heels up & down x 2 to make a ¼ turn R (12.00)

Section 4: Monterey ¼ turn R, V Step
1-4Touch right toe to right side, turn ¼ right as you step right next to left, touch left toe to left side, step left next to right (3.00)
5-6Step R foot fwd & out, step L foot fwd & out (hip width apart)
7-8Step R foot back in place, step L foot back in place (the last 4 counts having made a ‘V’ shape)

Section 5: Walk Forward R,L, Shuffle Fwd, Step ½ Turn, L Kick Ball Change
1-2Walk fwd R, Walk fwd L
3&4Shuffle fwd R, (R,L,R)
5-6Step L fwd pivot ½ turn R, (9.00)
7&8Kick L forward, step on L ball beside R, step R in place

Section 6: Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, 1/4 Turn x 2, Forward Shuffle
1 – 2Rock left to left side. Recover onto right
3 & 4Cross left over right. Step right to right side. Cross left over right
5 – 6Turn 1/4 left stepping right back. Turn 1/4 left stepping left to left side (3.00)
7&8Shuffle fwd R, (R,L,R)

Section 7 : Fwd Rock, L Lock back, touch R back, unwind 3/4 , Step touch.
1-2Rock fwd onto L, recover weight back onto R, step
3&4Step L back, step R over L, step L back
5-6Touch right behind left, Unwind ¾ right(weight on right) (12.00)
7-8Step left to left side, touch right next to left

Section 8: Kick Right x 2, Right Sailor, Kick Left x 2, Left Sailor ¼ turn left
1-2Kick right foot forward, kick right to right side
3&4Cross right behind left. Step left to side. Step right forward
5-6Kick Left foot forward, kick left to left side
7&8Cross Left Behind Right, Step Right To Right Side making a 1/4 Turn Left , Step Left Foot Forward.

Optional arm movements on the V step Section 4 –
Count 5 -raise right arm to right diagonal
Count 6 -raise left arm to left diagonal
Count 7 -bring right arm down to lay across body
Count 8 -bring left arm down and lay across right arm (hugging)

Start again & Enjoy

Contact: dizzyc71@hotmail.com

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