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Come On Over

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Beginner / Intermediate
Oli Geir (ICE) & Hugrun (ICE) - September 2008
Come On Over - Hassing & Hassing : (CD: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 08)
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Intro: 16 Counts Intro Start on Vocals.

Stomp Kick. Coaster Step. Step Pivot ½ Turn Right. Shuffle ½ Turn Right.
1-2 Stomp R beside L. Kick R forward.
3&4 Step back on R. Step L beside R. Step forward on R.
5-6 Step forward on L. Pivot ½ turn R.
7&8 Step L into shuffle ½ turn R, stepping L.R.L. (facing 12 o’clock)

Side Touches Right & Left. ¼ Turn Left Touching Toe Back. Heel Touch. Step. Step Pivot ¾ Turn Left. Right Side Step. Touch.
1& Touch R to R side. Step R beside L.
2& Touch L to L side. Step L beside R.
3& Turn ¼ turn L touching R back. Step R beside L. 4& Touch L heel forward. Step L beside R.
5-6 Step Forward R. Pivot ¾ turn L. (facing 12 o’clock)
7-8 Step R to R side. Touch L beside R.

Left Side Step, Touch. Chasse ¼ Turn Right. Step Pivot ¾ Turn Right. Left Chasse.
1-2 Step L to L side. Touch R beside L.
3&4 Step R into chasse ¼ turn R, stepping R.L.R.
5-6 Step forward on L. Pivot ¾ turn R. (facing 12 o’clock)
7&8 Step L to L side. Step R beside L. Step L to L side.

*RESTART: on 3rd wall (facing 6 o’clock)

*TAG and RESTART: on 6th wall (facing 9 o’clock)

Right Sailor Step. Left Sailor ¼ Turn Left. Step Pivot ½ Turn Left X 2.
1&2 Step R behind L. Step L to L side. Step R in place.
3&4 Step L behind R. Step R to R side. Turn ¼ turn L stepping forward on L.
5-6 Step forward on R. Pivot ½ turn L.
7-8 Step forward on R. Pivot ½ turn L. (facing 9 o’clock)

Start Again

*TAG: Four Count Tag Danced On 6th Wall
1-4 Touch Right beside Left. Step Right to Right side. Touch Left beside Right. Step Left to Left side.


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