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Cotton Eyed Joe Modified Mixer (P)

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Beginner + Partner Mixer
Donna Manning (USA) - September 2016
Everybody Dance Now – Rock this Party version - Bob Sinclar
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Mixer- partners who face in opposite circles , 1 FLOD- 1 RLOD

***Variation of C.W. Parker’s dance- Cotton Eyed Joe

Taught from a video seen on FB – sheet done from footwork seen and taught

Start with weight on the Right
Outside Circle should be facing FLOD – Inside circle facing RLOD with the partners positioned so that when you both do the side triples you pass each other facing belly to belly.

Sec. 1: Stomp Up, Kick, Side Triple – Repeat
1-2, 3&4Stomp up L, kick L across midline, step L to L side, bring R to L, step L to L side
5-6, 7&8Stomp up R, kick R across midline, step R to R side, bring L to R, step R to R side
Optional Hands: If you connect palm to palm with L hand 1st, fingers pointing towards your partner as you stomp up and kick. Gently push partner’s hand to the R as you triple side L. Change to R hands now reverse the push to the L as you triple to the R.

Sec. 2: Repeat section 1

Sec. 3: Connect L hands palm to palm fingers facing up between the pair.
You will be making a full circle to the L with your partner during this 8 counts, just using triple steps.
1&2, 3&4During the 1st 4 counts, make ½ the circle – L, R, L – R, L, R
5&6, 7&8Finish the circle, back to your starting position (inside circle or outside circle) L, R, L – R, L, R

Sec.4: 8 counts of triple steps starting with the L ft– you will be heading to the L fwrd diagonal for the 1st 4 counts passing the person facing you from the next pair R shoulder to R shoulder (extend R hand to their R hand as you pass them). The next 4 counts will turn you to the R fwrd diagonal towards your next partner (extend your L hand as you approach your new partner taking their L hand). (pass 1, adopt the next) Finishing on the inside or outside circle where you started.
***Optional Hands: High five the person you are passing with the R hand. Connect L hands on the next person who should be your new partner.

You start on outside – you finish on the outside. Same for inside starting position. I wish I knew who to credit for adapting this dance to a mixer. If anyone can positively tell me, please pass the info for proper credit. This is the same counts and very similar footwork as the version from C.W Parker. His is done with a partner in a circle but not as a mixer.


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