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Could This Be Love

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High Beginner / Improver
Gordon Timms (UK) - August 2013
Could This Be Love - Jennifer Lopez : (Album: On The 6)
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Musical introduction 32 Counts.
Start on the words…”IF YOU” [156 Bpm - Track time: 4:19 mins]

SECTION 1: Right Forward Mambo, Sweep, Behind Side Cross, Step, Touch, ¼ Left Shuffle & Step.
1 & 2Rock forward on the Right, Recover on to the Left, Step Right slightly back,
3 & 4Sweep Left behind Right, Step Right to Right side, cross Left over Right.
5 - 6Step slightly long step Right to Right side, Touch Left next to Right.. WOR
7 & 8 &Turn ¼ Left, Shuffle Forward L-R-L, Step Right next to Left with weight. [Faces: 9:00]

SECTION 2: Left Forward Mambo Step, Right Coaster Cross, & Cross, Point, ¼ Left, Sailor Step.
1 & 2Rock forward on the Left, Recover on to the Right, Step Left slightly back.
3 & 4Step back on the Right, Step Left next to Right, Cross Right over the Left
& 5 6Step Left to Left side, Cross Right over the Left, Point Left to Left Side.
7 & 8Sweep Left out & behind Right, Turning ¼ Left Step Right in place, Step Left slightly forward. 6.00 - [Faces: 6.00]

SECTION 3: Step, 2 Walks, Kick ball Point x 2, Toe Touches x 2, and Step.
& 1 2Step Right next to Left (&) Walk forward on the Left, Walk forward on the Right.
3 & 4(Moving forwards) Low kick Left Forward, Step Left next to Right, Point Right to Right side.
5 & 6(Moving forwards) Low kick Right Forward, Step Right next to Left, Point Left to Left side.
7 8 &Touch Left toe forward, Touch Left toe to Left Side, Step Left next to Right [Faces: 6.00]

SECTION 4: Toe Point, Toe Touch, Ronde ½ Right, Step Turn Step, Cuban Break Step
1 - 2Point Right toe to Right side, Touch Right toe next to Left. WOL
3 & 4Turning ½ Right, Sweep Right out & behind Left, Step Left in place, Step Right forward. 12.00
5 & 6Step forward on the Left, On the ball of Right pivot ½ Right, Step forward Left. 6.00
7 & 8 &Step Right in front of Left, Recover on Left, Step Right behind Left, Recover on Left WOL [Faces: 6.00]

RESTARTS: On walls Three (3) begins at12.00 (1.14 secs) and Eight (8) begins at 6.00…(3.06 secs)
Dance up to Count 16 and then start the dance again.

FINISH: You should be facing front wall at about (4.07)…
dance the first 8 counts but change the last few counts to a shuffle forward…facing the front.


Line Dance Latin with Gordon & Glenys (UK) - Home: 01793 490697 - Mobile: 07787 383059
Website: - E-Mail:


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