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Could've Been The Whiskey

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High Beginner
April Coady (IRE) - March 2017
Wasnt that a Party - Mike Denver
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Intro: 32 counts
Restarts : Wall 3, Wall 5 & Wall 6

S1: R Shuffle Fwd, L Mambo Step, R Shuffle Back, L Coaster Step
1&2Step R forward, lock L behind R, Step R forward
3&4Rock forward L, step R in place, step L beside R
5&6Step R back, lock L over R, step R back
7&8Step L back, step R beside L, step forward L

S2 : Walk Fwd R L, Stomp R, Toe Heel Toe , Walk Fwd L R, Step L ,¼ Turn R, Cross L over R
12Walk forward R, walk forward L
3&4&Stomp R foot across L, fan R toes to R, fan R Heel to R, fan R toes to R (taking the weight)
5 6Walk forward L, walk forward R
7&8Step L forward, pivot ¼ turn R, step L across R (3.00)
Restart here during Wall 3 (9:00)
Restart here during Wall 6 (6:00)

S3: R Rumba Box Fwd Tap, L Tap, R Tap, L Rumba Box Back Tap, R Tap, L Tap
1&2&Step R to R side, Close L beside R, Step R Forward, Tap L beside R
3&4&Step L to L side, Tap R beside L, Step R to R side, Tap L beside R
5&6&Step L to L side, Close R beside L, Step L back, Tap R beside L
7&8&Step R to R side, Tap L beside R, Step L to L side, Tap R beside L
Restart here during Wall 5 (3:00)
S4: R Shuffle Fwd, Out Out, Hold. ½ Monteray Turn R x 2 (easier option Switches, R Close, L Close, R Close, L Close)
1&2Step R to R diagonal, Lock L behind R, Step R to R diagonal
&3Step L out to L side, Step R out to R side
5&6&Point R to R side, Closing R beside L making a ½ turn R. Point L to L, Close L beside R
7&8&Point R to R side, Closing R beside L making a ½ turn R. Point L to L, Close L beside R
(Easier option for counts 5 to 8 : 4 points without the turn)

Start Again!

Restarts : -
Dance wall 3 to count 16, then restart the dance facing 9:00
Dance wall 5 to count 24, then restart the dance facing 3:00
Dance wall 6 to count 16, then restart the dance facing 6:00

Happy Dancing..

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JM_03 April 8, 2017
Great dance and music - well done April, a 5-star for sure!

Silver Spur April 11, 2017
Thankyou :)

reeling April 11, 2017
Love this dance goes so well to the music == great fun .Well done April. Keep up the good work, I agree 5 star for sure

PureHero's dance studio April 11, 2017
Absolutely love this dance and music great job

Brazennell April 12, 2017
one of my favourite dances. has that feel good factor. fits the music perfectly.

jeanaba May 3, 2017
Dance and sing along. What a great piece April

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