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#madebymelissa (UK) - May 2016
#Country - Tucker : (iTunes, amazon & CD)
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(32 Count Start on Vocals - 2 Tags)

A: Stomp Right, tap left in place and to side, Sailor ¼ turn left, right and left heel strut, right lock step into corner
1&2Stomp right foot in place, tap left foot in place and tap left toe to side
3&4Step left behind right, make ¼ turn over left shoulder step down right then left
5&6&Moving forward right heel forward step onto right repeat on left foot
7&8Moving towards right corner step forward on right bring left behind right and step forward onto right

B: Left Shuffle, rock forward right recover tap back, unwind 1/2 scuff left and hitch bounce right, left shuffle
9&10Still moving towards right corner step forward left, slide left to it then step forward left
11&12Rock forward onto right foot, back on to left and tap right toe behind
13&14&Heading towards opposite corner unwind ½ turn over right shoulder stepping onto right, scuff and hitch left as you slightly bounce on right foot
15&16Again towards right corner step forward left step right to left step forward left

C: making ¼ to face right wall do right rock and cross, left rock and cross, two right 1/8 turns making ¼, walk right left
17&18Turning to face wall on right rock right foot to side recover left cross right foot over left,
19&20Rock left to side recover right cross left over right foot
20&22&Step forward right make 1/8 turn over left shoulder Repeat
23-24Walk forward Right and left (more advanced dancers see below *)

D: Right rocking chair, ¼ step right point left, wind hips making ¼ left left coaster step
25&26&Rock forward on right, recover left, rock back onto right recover left
27-28Making ¼ over right shoulder step forward right and point left to side
29-30Roll Hips twice anticlockwise making ¼ left keeping weight on right
31&32Step Left back step right in place step left in place

Tags – Add two stomps (right + left) between wall 2 and 3 and wall 5 and 6

*for steps 20-24 more advanced dancers can make a step right ¼ left, full turn on two beats then walk forward or make the two 1/8 turns then make a full turn on the two steps.



MsMary May 21, 2017
Is there a video tutorial?

Sandue February 18, 2020
Videos are nice - if a choreographer takes the time to do a dance, then take the time to do a video. No video, I don't teach the dance.

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