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Country Harmony

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Kath Dickens (UK) - September 2018
Good Ol' Country Harmony - Home Free
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Intro : 35 seconds Count 8 from when the heavy beat kicks in “I was born”

Dorothy, & Heel, & Heel, & Dorothy, & Heel, & Heel
1 - 2-&Step forward to R diagonal, lock L foot behind R, step R next to L
3-&-4-&Dig L heel forward, &, dig R heel forward, step R next to L
5 - 6-&Step forward to L diagonal, lock R foot behind L, step L next to R
7-&-8-&Dig R heel forward, &, dig L heel forward, step L next to R

Rock, Recover, Coaster Step, Step, 1/2 Pivot, Triple Full Turn Right
1 - 2Rock forward on R, recover weight back on L
3-&-4Step back on R, step L together, step forward on R
5 - 6Step forward on L, pivot 1/2 turn R 6.00
7 & 8Triple full turn forwards over R shoulder on L-R-L 6.00
OR (L shuffle forwards for easier option)

Rock, Recover, &, Rock Recover, Lock Back, Touch, Unwind 1/4
1-2-&Rock forward on R, recover weight back onto L, step together on R
3 - 4Rock forward on L, recover weight back onto R
5-&-6Step back on L, lock R over L, step back on L
7 - 8Touch R toe behind L, unwind 1/4 turn R taking weight on R 9.00

Cross, Side, 1/4 Sailor Step, Step 1/4, 1/4 Sailor Step
1 - 2Cross L over R, step R to side
3 & 4Sweep L behind R making 1/4 turn L step onto L, step R together, step forward L 6.00
5 - 6Step R forward, make 1/4 turn R stepping L to side 9.00
7 & 8Sweep R behind L making 1/4 turn R step onto R, step L together, step forward R 12.00

Vaudeville Step x 2, cross, 1/4 Turn, Chasse’
1-&-2-&Cross L over R, step R together, L heel dig, step together on L
3-&-4-&Cross R over L, step L together, R heel dig, step together on R
5 - 6Cross L over R, make 1/4 turn L stepping back on R 9.00
7-&-8Step L to side, R together, step L to side

Cross, 1/4 Turn, 1/4 Chasse’, Jazzbox X
1 - 2Cross R over L, make 1/4 turn R stepping back on L 12.00
3-&-4Make 1/4 turn R stepping side R, L together, step R to side 3.00 5-6-7-8 Cross L over R, back on R, L to side L, cross R over L
*Restart here on wall 1at 3.00 and wall 3 at 12.00 - Finishing jazz box with a touch..!!

Side Rock, &, Side Rock, &, 1/4 Heel & Toe, & Heel & Toe, &
1-2-&Rock out to L side, Recover weight onto R, step L next to R
3-4-&Rock out to R side, Recover weight onto L, step R next to L
5-&-6-&Dig L heel forwards, step L together, tap R toe next to L, step R together
7-&-8-&Repeat heel and toes again whilst making 1/4 turn R over counts 5-8-&
(First time you do this will be at 9.00 because of the restart)

Rock, Recover, Coaster Step, Rocking Chair
1 - 2Rock forward on L, recover weight back onto R
3-&-4Step back on L, together on R, step forward on L
5-6-7-8Rock forward on R, recover onto L, rock back on R, recover onto L

On the last wall, touch unwind 1/2 instead of 1/4, step L forward finishing with a pose on the front wall.. :-)



DaisyMae September 16, 2018
awesome job! Great looking dance. Thank you for the demo. Can't wait to try it.

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