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Country Song

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Intermediate +
Nathalie Morel (FR) & Serge Walleck - August 2019
Country Song - Seether
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Start after 32 Counts

[1-8] Rock Step, Sweep Backwards X3, Sailor Step L, Behind Side Cross R Turn 1/8 R
1-2RF Step Forward, Recover on to LF ( In the Catalan way).
3-4RF Sweep Backwards,RF Step Backwards LF Sweep Backwards.
4th Restart 7th Wall restart at 06.00 Stay on LF
5&6LF Step Backwards RF Sweep Backwards and cross Behind LF,LF Together, RF Step R.
7&8LF Behind RF, RF Step R, LF Cross Over 1/8 Turn R (1.30)

[9-16] Toe Heel X2, Dorothy diag R, Turn ¼ L Dorothy diag L
1&2&Toe RF behind LF,RF Recover Weight, LF Heel forward, LF Recover Weight.
3&4&Toe RF behind LF,RF Recover Weight, LF Heel forward, LF Recover Weight.
5-6&RF Step Forward, LF Lock Behind RF, PD RF Step Forward.
7-8&¼ turn L (10.30) LF Step Forward, RF Lock Behind LF, LF Step Forward.
*2nd and 3rd Restart at 4th and 6th Walls restart at 06.00

[17-24] 1/8 turn L RF step forward, Spiral Turn L,Shuffle, Out Out In In, Knee Pop Back X2.
1-21/8 Turn L RF Step Forward (9.00), Spiral Turn L.
3&4LF Step Forward, RF Step together LF, LF Step Forward.
&5&6RF Out, LF Out, RF In, LF In.
&7&8Knee Pop R, RF Step Backwards, Knee Pop L, LF Step Backwards.

[25-32] Vaudeville X2, Kick Ball, ¼ Turn L LF point, Together 1/2Turn L, RF point R
1&2&RF Cross over, LF Step Side, RF Touch Heel R Diagonal, RF Together.
3&4&LF Cross over, RF Step Side, LF Touch Heel L Diagonal, LF Together(Stay on LF).
5&6RF Kick Forward, RF Beside LF, ¼ Turn L LF point L (6.00)
7-8LF Together RF, ½ Turn L RF point R (12.00).
*5th Restart 8th Wall, restart at 6.00

[33-40] Flick Cross Point X2, Cross Shuffle, Step Lock Step ½ & 1/4 Turn.
1&2RF Flick, RF Cross over , LF Point L.
3&4LF Flick, LF Cross Over, RF Point D.
5&6RF Cross over, LF Step Side, RF Cross over.
7&8½ Turn L LF Step Forward (6:00),¼Turn L RF Step Backwards (3:00), LF Lock Step in front of RF
*1st Restart 2nd Wall, restart at 6:00

[41-48] Modified Rumba Box X2, Out Out, Hitch ,Double Knee Pop, Knee Pop Roll.
1&2RF Step Side, LF Together, RF Step Forward.
3&4LF Step Side, RF Together, LF Step Forward.
&5&6RF Out, LF Out (Stay on LF),RF Hitch in front L Knee, RF Step beside LF.
&7&8Knee Pop with both legs, Knee Pop Roll with both legs L to R (Stay on LF)

Final : 16 first counts and Finish with ½ turn L Step turn

Good Luck

Serge Walleck
Nathalie Morel (Fraisse)


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