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Country Swagger

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High Beginner
Connor Purcell (USA) - September 2016
Love Me in a Field - Luke Bryan
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Starts after 32 count intro - With No Tags Or Restarts.

First 8: Kick ball change Right, Kick Ball Change Left, Right Sailor Step, Left Sailor Step
1&2Kick Right forward, Step ball of Right beside Left, Point Left to Left side.
3&4Kick Left forward, Step ball of Left beside Right, Point Right to Right side.
5&6Cross Right behind Left – Step Left to Left Side – Step Right to Right side.
7&8Cross Left behind Right – step Right to Right side – step Left to Left side.

Second 8: Sway hips Right Left shuffle Right to the side. Sway hips Left Right shuffle Left to the Left side.
1&2Sway hips right then left.
3&4Step Right Foot to the Right Side, Step Left Foot to the Right side next to Right foot, then step Right foot to Right side.
5&6Sway hips Left than Right.
7&8Step Left Foot to the Left Side, Step Right Foot to the Left side next to Left foot, then step Left foot to Left side.

Third 8: Charleston Right, Right Toe, Left Toe, Right Heel, Left Heel
1&2Swing Right around to Touch Forward,Swing Right back around and step Right next to Left.
3&4Swing Left around to Touch to Back, Left around and step Left next to Right.
5&6Touch Right Toe forward, then Touch Left Toe forward.
7&8Touch Right Heel Fordward then Left Heel Forward.

Fourth 8: Half turn over left shoulder, quater turn over the left shoulder, right jazz box.
1&2Step right foot forward then turn over left shoulder for a 1/2 turn.
3&4Step right foot forward then a 1/4 turn to the left.
5&6Cross right over left, step left back.
7&8Step right to side, step left together.



Miguel Sastre October 26, 2016
Hola, perdona que te moleste, yo publique el video demo de este baile Country Swagger, me informa el coreógrafo que he utilizado una version musical distinta a la que el quiere para su baile, me podrias eliminar el demo por favor, ya estoy preparando el nuevo demo.
Ruego disculpes las molestias ocasionadas.

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