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Coward of the County

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Stafke Peeters (NL) - April 2019
Coward of the County - Kenny Rogers
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Info: Intro 16 Count

Heel touch twice, forwards rock, Coaster step, pivot ½ turn,
1RF heel forward
&RF next to LF
2LF heel forward
&LF next to RF
3RF rock forward
4LF weight back
5RF step behind
&LV next to RF
6RF step forward
7LF step forward
8L+R ½ pivot right[6]

Left shuffle fwd, ½ shuffle, Back rock, Kick ball point,
1LF step forward
&RF next to LV
2LF step forward
3RF ¼ turn left, step sideways
&LF next to RF
4RF ¼ turn left, step back [12]
5LF Rock back
6RF weight back
7LF kick forward
&LF next to RF
8RF Tap tip aside

RV cross over, step back, coaster step, Step fwd ¼ turn, cross shuffle,
1RF cross over LF
2LF step behind
3RF step behind
&LF next to RF
4RF step forward
5LF step forward
6L+R ¼ turn right [3]
7LF cross over RF
&RF slide next to LF
8LF cross over RF

Side rock, behind, cross over, Step fwd, ½ turn L-R, L shuffle fwd,
1RF rock aside
2LF weight back
3RF cross over LF
&LF step aside
4RF cross over LF
5LF ¼ right, step back
6RF ¼ right, step forward [9]
7LF step forward
&RF step next to LF
8LF step forward

Fwd mambo, coaster step, ½ monterey turn,
1RF step forward
&LF weight back
2RF step next to LF
3LF step behind
&RF step next to LF
4LV step forward
5RF Tap tip aside
6RF ½ right, step forward [3]
7LF Tap tip aside
8LF step next to RF

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