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Cowboy For A Night

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High Beginner
Alison Johnstone (AUS), David Hoyn (AUS), Ira Weisburd (USA) & Pedro Machado (UK) - January 2017
Cowboy for a Night - Australia's Tornadoes
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* This dance was commissioned by Australias Tornadoes to be released simultaneously with the song. *

Start : On Vocals - clockwise

(1-8) Kick, Kick Right Coaster Step, Rock Left Fwd, ½ Turn Shuffle
1, 2Kick Right fwd, kick Right fwd at 45deg Right
3&4Step Right back, step Left next to Right, step Right fwd
5, 6Rock fwd onto Left, recover on Right
7&8½ turn over Left stepping on Left, step Right next to Left, step forward Left (6 O’clock)

(9-16) ¼ Step Right, Touch Left, Side, Behind, Step ¼, Pivot ¼, Cross
1, 2¼ turn Left stepping Right to side, Touch Left Next To Right (3 O’clock)
3, 4Step Left to Left side, step Right behind Left
5, 6¼ turn Left stepping fwd Left, step Right fwd (12 O’clock)
7, 8Pivot ¼ Left, cross Right over Left (9 O’clock)

(17-24) Chasse Left, Rock Recover, Sway Right Sway Left, Rock Recover
1&2Step Left to Left side, step Right next to Left, step Left to Left side
3, 4Rock back onto Right, recover on Left
5, 6Step Right to Right side swaying hips Right, sway hips Left
7, 8Rock back onto Right, recover on Left

(25-32) Chasse Right, Cross Rock Recover, ¼ Turn Shuffle, Pivot ¼
1&2Step Right to Right side, step Left next to Right, step Right to Right Side
3, 4Cross Left over Right, Recover on Right
5&6¼ turn over Left stepping on Left, Step Right Next To Left, Step Fwd on Left (6 O’Clock)
7, 8Step Right fwd, Pivot ¼ Left. (Weight ends on Left ready to restart the dance) (3 O’Clock)

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We Hope You Enjoy This Dance
See You All On The Dance Floor

Last Update - 30th Jan 2017


Kato January 30, 2017
Fab track and easy to remember dance. Shouldn't counts 7&8 on section 3 (17-24) be 7,8 though as only two steps rather than three?

Dancing-Queen-Oz February 26, 2017
Like the look of this dance. Well done Alison and friends.

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