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Crash & Burn

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High Beginner
Lieren King - May 2015
Crash and Burn - Thomas Rhett
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START after 16 counts

S1: 2 Kicks, Ball-change-touch, R rolling vine-touch w/ clap
1,2, 3&4R kick fwd, side, R ball-change weight to L- R touch
5-6-7-8Full R turn to R side (R-L-R) – L touch w/ clap

S2: L Grapevine w/ ¼ L turn, R heel scuff- touch, 2 R hip rolls
1-2-3-4step L to L side, R behind L, ¼ L turn into L fwd step, R heel scuff (9:00)
5-6, 7-8Drop R ball of foot to have freedom of weight transfer while doing R hip roll 2X

S3: 2 heeljacks, L ½ pivot turn, R fwd shuffle
&1&2step R behind L, cross L step, transfer weight to R, L heel out,
&3&4step L behind R, cross R step, transfer weight to L, R heel out
5-6, 7&8R fwd step then ½ L pivot turn weight to L , R-L-R fwd shuffle steps(3:00)

S4: R ½ pivot turn, R ½ triple step turn *in place, R kick-ball change, 2 fwd walks
1-2, 3&4L fwd step then ½ R pivot turn weight to R, *in place ½ R turn (L-R-L)
5&6, 7,8R kick- weight on R ball of foot – L step, R fwd step, L fwd step (3:00)

Created 05/7/15 stepsheet by Annemarie Dunn



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