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Crazy Legs

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Alison Biggs (UK) & Peter Metelnick (UK) - June 2021
Lotta Lovin' - The Big Town Playboys & Jeff Beck
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Music Available: Amazon from the album Crazy Legs - with no tags or restarts

[1-8] Travelling R: R toe strut, L cross strut, R toe strut, L rock back/recover
1-4Touch R toes side right, step R heel down, cross touch L toes over R, step L heel down
5-8Touch R toes side right, step R heel down, rock back on L, recover weight on R

[9-16] 3 step grapevine L with ¼ L, hold or scuff, R rocking chair
1-4Step L side, cross step R behind L, turning ¼ left step L forward, hold or scuff R forward (9 o'clock)
5-8Rock R forward, recover weight on L, rock R back, recover weight on L

[17-24] R fwd, hold, ¼ L pivot turn, hold, R fwd, hold, ¼ L pivot turn, hold
1-4Step R forward, hold, pivot ¼ left, hold (6 o'clock)
5-8Step R forward, hold, pivot ¼ left, hold (3 o'clock)

[&25-32] Jump R/L apart, hold, R knee pop in (Elvis Knee), 4 hip bumps R/L/R/L
&1-2Jump R back, jump L back & apart, hold
3-4Pop/turn R right knee in (weight remains on L), hold
5-8Bump hips R, L, R, L (weight ends on L)

[33-40] R fwd step, touch L, L back step, touch R, ¼ R side step, touch L, L side step, touch R
1-4Step R forward, touch L together, step L back, touch R together
5-8Turning ¼ right step R side, touch L together, step L side, touch R together (6 o'clock)

[41-48] R fwd lock step, hold, L fwd, ½ R pivot turn, L fwd, hold
1-4Step R forward, lock L behind R, step R forward, hold
5-8Step L forward, pivot ½ right, step L forward (extended 5th), hold (12 o'clock)

[49-56] ½ L/R back, ½ L/L forward, R fwd, hold, L fwd mambo, hold
1-4Turning ½ left step R back, turning ½ left step L forward, step R forward, hold (12 o'clock)
Non-turning option: run fwd R, L, R, hold
5-8Rock L forward, recover weight on R, step L back, hold

[57-64] R back, hold, L back/apart, hold, R cross over L, hold, unwind ½ left
1-4Step or stomp R back, hold, step or stomp L back & apart, hold
5-8Cross R over L, hold, unwind ½ left over 2 counts with weight ending on L foot (6 o'clock)

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