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Cross Town Waltz

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Absolute Beginner
Vickie Schermbeck Normile - August 2019
You Look So Good In Love - George Strait
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Alt. music: -
Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight by Kenny Rogers
Kiss From A Rose by Seal (faster)
Any slow to medium waltz music

This dance is fun to do contra!!

Section 1: Basic Waltz step forward and back
1,2,3Step fwd on L, step R next to L, step L next to R
4,5,6Step back on R, step L next to R, step R next to L
Section 2: Twinkles moving forward (lines will cross here)
1,2,3Step L diagonal forward to 1:00, step R next to L, step L fwd (12:00)
4,5,6Step R diagonal fwd to 11:00; step L next to R, step R fwd (12:00)

Section 3 &4 : Basic Waltz turning ¼ left X 2
1,2,3Step L across R turning ¼ left, step R next to L, step L next to R
4,5,6Step back on R, step L next to R, step R next to L
Repeat ¼ turn

Start over and smile!!

Vickie Schermbeck Normile -


Jazzbox August 31, 2019
Truly love this waltz. Is there any way you can post a demo/teach as my Absolute Beginners could really use this for practice? Thank you.

Jazzbox September 3, 2019
Thank you Vickie for the teach and demo videos, very nice and much appreciated.

dl September 5, 2019
Please list as Contra...we don't teach contra, so waste of my time opening this page.

Jazzbox September 5, 2019
The dance doesn't have to be done as a contra. It's a nice AB waltz and I don't see any problem with a contra option if anyone would like to try it.

Sandue February 23, 2020
I agree with Jazzbox

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