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Intermediate waltz
Travis Taylor (AUS) - October 2013
Cry - Reba McEntire
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Choreographers Note:-
Take your time with this waltz as it isn’t a Viennese Waltz Rhythm.
Pace your steps, especially with the Sweep, Drag & Pencil Turn
I loved this song when I first heard it so couldn’t help but choreograph to it ?

Start Dance on the word ‘Lip’ – ‘I might bite my lip’

1-2-3¼ turn R Step R forward, ½ turn R Step L back, ¼ turn R Step R to R side
4-5-6Cross Rock L over R, Replace weight on R, Step L to L side
1-2-3Cross R over L, ¼ turn R Step L back, ½ turn R Step R forward
4-5-6Step forward L, Step R together, Step L in place

1-2-3Step back on R, ¼ turn L Step L to L side, Cross R over L
4-5-6Step L to L side, Touch R behind L, Unwind 5/8th turn R putting weight on R
1-2-3(Facing Front R Diagonal) Step forward L, Lock R behind L, Step forward L
&4-5-61/8 turn L (straighten up to 12) Step R to R side (&), Replace weight on L, Cross R over L, Step L to L side

1-2-3Step R behind L, BIG Sweep L foot around R, Hold (You should still be sweeping L foot)
4-5-6Step L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R
1-2-3BIG Step R to R side, Drag L together, Hold
4-5-6¼ turn L Step forward L (starting a pencil turn), ¾ turn L on the ball of L foot with your R foot together with no weight at all (Pencil turn), hold for count 6 (you should still be completing the pencil turn on count 6)

The next 12 counts: Open your body to diagonals on the rocks!!!
1-2-3Step R to R side, Rock back on L, Replace weight on R
4-5-6¼ turn R Step L back, ½ turn R Step R forward, ¼ turn R Step L to L side
*Restart here on Wall 5
1-2-3Rock back on R, Replace weight on L, ¼ turn L step R back
4-5-6¼ turn L Step L to L side, Cross Rock R over L, Replace weight on L (6:00)

Restart: During Wall 5, Restart on Count 42


Contact: Travis Taylor - 0429931265 -


Wiggles October 22, 2013
We do this dance at D2D in Australia and I we love it. It has it all, beautiful steps that fit perfectly to a beautiful song.

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