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Cry for Freedom

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Paul Snooke (AUS) - August 2018
Lovely by Billie Eilish & Khalid from the single release (2018) 3:20 min - 72 bpm
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Notes: -
*Dance starts after the first 16 counts on the lyrics
*4 count Tag after the second wall to the front wall ending at the back

[1-8] Lunge L, Full turn R, Cross, Side, Behind-Recover, Side, ½ Side, Cross, Side, ½ Side,
1-2&Step LF to L side and bend the L knee into a lunge, Turn ¼ R & step RF forward, Turn ½ R & step LF back, [9:00]
3-4&Turn ¼ R & step RF to R side, Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R side [12:00]
5-6&Turn 1/8 L & step LF back [10:30], Recover weight to RF, Turning 1/8 R & step LF to L side [12:00]
7&8&Turn ½ R & step RF to R side, Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R side, Turn ½ L & step LF to L side [12:00]

[9-17] ½ Side, Recover, Cross, Side, Recover, Cross, Side & push, Recover & arm to side, Behind & arm behind, 1 & ¼ Turn L
1-2&Turn ½ L & step RF to R side, Recover weight to LF, Cross RF over LF [6:00]
3-4&Step LF to L side, Recover weight to RF, Cross LF over RF
5-6Step RF to R side & push R palm across the body and out to the L side while slightly turning the torso to the L, Recover weight to LF & keeping the R arm straight make a half circle motion in front of the body & move the R palm to R side
7-8&1Cross RF behind LF & bring the R hand into a fist behind your back, Turn ¼ L & step LF forward [3:00], Turn ½ L & step RF back [9:00], Turn ½ L & step LF forward into a lunge & start to push both palms forward from the waist [3:00]

[18-24] Hold & arms forward, Back drag & fists, ¼ sailor, throw & catch the ball x2 and throw it away
2-3Continue to push both arms forward till arms are straight for 1 count, Recover weight to RF & bring both hands to fists beside the waist [3:00]
4&5Turn ¼ R & cross LF behind RF, Step RF to R side, Step LF to L side & with the R hand pretend you just threw a ball up into the air [6:00]
6&7With your L hand pretend to catch the same ball bending the L knee, Throw the ball back up in the air with the L hand straightening the L knee, Catch the ball with the R hand bending the R knee
&8&Raise R hand in a fist in front beside your head and straighten the R knee, Move R fist to be over your heart, throw the ball to the R leaving the arm straight out to the side

[25-32] Side, Aerobesque, ¾ turn, Coaster, ½ pencil turn with a sweep,
1&2&Step RF to side, lift your L leg just slightly off the ground while pointing your toe, Turn ¼ L & step LF forward, Turn ½ L & step RF back [9:00]
3-4&5Step LF back, Step RF back, Step LF together, Step RF forward & sweep LF around to the front
&6Using the sweep for momentum turn ½ R on ball of RF, Step LF forward [3:00]
7-8&Turn ¼ R & transfer weight to RF [12:00], Turn ¼ L & step LF forward, Turn ½ R & step RF back (start the new wall with a ¼ turn L to face the back wall into count 1) [12:00]

[TAG] Diamond fall away
1-2&Step LF to L side, Turn 1/8 R step RF back, Step LF back [1:30]
3-4&Step RF to R side, Turn 1/8 R step LF forward, Step RF forward [4:30] (turn 1/8 R to square up to 6:00 on count 1 of the dance)

Contact info: - 0434088011
Last updated on 22nd September 2018


Tina M. October 19, 2018
This is an exquisite, expressive dance! I want to give it more than five stars!

pepper November 1, 2018
beautiful dance! Love it!

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