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Crystal Touch

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Low Improver
Claire Bell (UK) and Maddison Glover (AUS) February 2020
Slow Hand – Mike Ryan (3.18)
Choreographed for the 2020 CRYSTAL BOOT AWARDS. Blackpool, UK

Introduction: Begin the dance after 16 counts

Side, Together, Side Shuffle ¼, Forward, Pivot ½, Shuffle Forward
1,2,3&4Step R to R side, step L together, step R to R side, step L together, turn ¼ R stepping R fwd (3:00)
5,6Step L fwd, pivot ½ turn R (weight on R) (9:00)
7&8Step L fwd, step R together, step L fwd (9:00)

Forward, Touch Together, Forward, Touch Together, Jazz Box
1,2,3,4Step R fwd, touch L toe beside R, step L fwd, touch R toe beside L
5,6,7,8Cross R over L, step L back, step R to R side, cross L over R

Side, Hold, Together, Cross, Side, Behind, ¼ Forward, Step Forward, ¼ Pivot
1,2&3,4Step R to R side, hold, step L beside R, cross R over L, step L to L side
5,6Cross R behind L, turn ¼ L stepping L fwd (6:00)
7,8Step R fwd, pivot ¼ L (weight on L) (3:00)

Cross Shuffle, Side Shuffle, Slow Sailor, Behind
1&2Cross R over L, step L to L side, cross R over L
3&4Step L to L side, step R together, step L to L side
5,6,7,8Cross R behind L, step L out to L side, step R slightly to R side, cross L behind

TAG: At the end of WALL 2 (start facing 3:00, tag facing 6:00) and WALL 7 (start facing 12:00, tag facing 3:00); add
the following 4 counts:
1,2,3,4Step R to R side as you sway hips to the R, hold, sway hips to the L, hold (weights on L)

Restart: During the 5TH SEQUENCE, begin the dance facing 12:00. Restart after count 16 facing 9:00.
Hint** Listen for the instrumental.

Claire Bell -
Maddison Glover -
[Facebook] Maddison Glover Line Dance


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