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Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - December 2013
Cups (Movie Version) - Anna Kendrick
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Side, Kick & Kick & Touch Touch, 1/4 Turn, Body Roll
1Step R to R
2&3&Kick L forward, step L next to R, Kick R forward, Step R next to L
4&5Touch L to left Side, Touch L next to R, ¼ turn left stepping L forward (9 O’clock)
6-7-8Body Roll forward starting from head down to feet

Ball Step, Heel & Hitch & Switch, Bump Bump, Slow 3/8 Turn
&1Step R forward, Step L forward (no weight on L foot)
2&3&4Swivel L heel to left, Heel back to center, Hitch L knee, Step L next R, Touch R forward
&5Bump hips up to right, Bump down center
6-7-8Slow 3/8 turn left, transferring weight onto R foot (4:30)

Ball step, walk, shuffle, rock, recover, shuffle back
&1-2Step L next R, Step R forward, Walk L forward
3&4Step R forward, Step L next R, Step R forward
5-6Rock L forward, Recover back onto R
7&8Step L back, Step R next L, Step L back

Sweep, rock back, step and turn
1-2Step R back sweeping L foot from front to back over 2 counts
3-4Rock L back, Recover forward onto R
5-6-7-8Step L forward, Slow (slightly more than) Full Turn to right on both feet, squaring up to
6O’clock. Feet finish crossed R in front of L. with weight on L foot. (6 O’clock)


TAG after 2nd wall, facing 12 O’clock
Side, Arms
1Step R to right, feet apart with R arm raised and bent so that R hand is horizontal across chest, palm down and fingers pointing to the left
2&3&4&With L hand tap twice on R fingers ( 2&), Tap forearm (3), Tap elbow (&), Tap forearm (4), Tap fingers (&)
5Bring L hand quickly round to Tap under R fingers, sending R forearm into a clockwise circle (keeping the arms bent, only the R forearm moves)
6-7-8Complete clockwise circle with R forearm over 3 counts, finishing with R hand under L

Ball Side, Arms, Ball (Side)
&1Step R next L, Step L to L side, both arms are now bent in front of your chest, palms facing floor, R hand under L
2&3&4&Bring R hand quickly out from under L and tap twice on L fingers ( 2&), Tap forearm (3), Tap elbow (&),Tap forearm (4), Tap fingers (&)
5Bring R hand quickly round to Tap under L fingers, sending L forearm into a counterclockwise circle (keeping the arms bent, only the L forearm moves)
6-7-8Complete clockwise circle with L forearm over 3 counts, with L hand finishing under R
&1Step L next R, Step R to right side. (This is the first step (1) of the main dance)


Metaltigger January 4, 2014
Waiting for the script - if one is going to be available.
Excellent Choreography

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