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Cut and Paste

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Urban Danielsson (SWE) - October 2018
Cut and Paste - Richard Lynch : (CD: Mending Fences - iTunes)
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Alt. music:-
I’ve Been Waiting For You by Amanda Seyfried, Christine Baranski & Julie Walters CD: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) also available as download from iTunes.

Intro: 16 counts
Remove the Tag and Restart when using “I’ve Been Waiting For You”.

Section 1: Rock/sway right, chassé left, cross, side, behind-side-cross, rock side
1Rock to right side (small step) on right foot with a little body sway
2&3Recover with a triple to left stepping: left to left side, right together, left to left side
4–5Step right foot across in front of left foot, step left to left side
6&7Step right foot behind of left, step left foot to left side, step right foot across in front of left foot
8Rock left foot to left side

Section 2: Recover, behind-side-cross, rumba forward, rumba back, ¼ turn right step side, together
9Recover weight onto right foot
10&11Step left foot behind of right foot, step right foot to right side, step left foot across in front of right foot
12&13Step right foot to right side, step left foot together, step right foot forward
14&15Step left foot to left side, step right foot together, step left foot back
16&¼ turn right step right foot to right side, step left next to right


Tags: There is a Tag, after wall 4 (facing front)
Restarts: There is a Restart after count 12& on wall 9 (start over to right side instead of continue with the rumba step forward).
Tag - Side rock-recover, back-rock recover
1 – 2Rock right foot to right side, recover weight onto left
3 – 4Rock right foot back, recover weight onto left


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