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Kim Nolan (UK) - April 2014
D.I.Y. - Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott : (Album: What Have We Become or Single - iTunes)
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Intro 16ct - Start on lyrics

Heel, Together x 2, Heel, Hitch/Slap, Heel, Hitch/Slap, Forward R Shuffle, Left Rock
1&2&Touch R heel fwd, Step R back in place, Touch L heel fwd, Step L back in place
3&4&Touch R heel fwd, Hitch R knee up with a slap on R thigh, Repeat cts 3&
5&6Step R forward, Step L to instep of right, Step R forward
7-8Rock forward on Left, Recover weight onto right

Left & Right Back Shuffles, Left Coaster Step, Heel, Hitch/Slap, Heel, Hitch/Slap
1&2Step L back, Step R to instep of left, Step L back
3&4Step R back, Step L to instep of right, Step R back
5&6Step L back, Step R back next to left, Step L forward
7&8&Touch R heel fwd, Hitch R knee up with a slap on R thigh, Repeat cts 7&
** 2nd Restart at 2 mins during last wall (Wall 6) (after instrumental)

Walk, Walk, Mambo, Walk, Walk, Mambo
1-2, 3&4Walk fwd R, L, Rock R to right side, Recover weight to left, Step R together
5-6, 7&8Walk fwd L, R, Rock L to left side, Recover weight to right, Step L together

Side, Hold, Syncopated Weave, (hitch instead of recover to rocks):- Side Rock, L Hitch & ¼ Turn left & L fwd, R Hitch, ¼ Turn left & Side Rock, L Hitch & ¼ Turn left, L fwd, R Hitch (Click fingers on Hitches)
(Note: cts 5 and 7, have a rocking motion with Hitches instead of a recover step)
1-2, 3&4Step R to right, Hold, Cross L behind right, Step R to side, Cross L over right
5&6&(rock) Step R to side, Hitch L knee, Turn ¼ L & step L fwd (9:00), Hitch R knee,
7&8&Turn ¼ L (6:00) & (rock) Step R to side, Hitch L knee, Turn ¼ L (3:00) & step L fwd, Hitch R knee

Turning Jazz Box, (with finger clicks), Right Kick Ball Change
1-4Cross R over left, Step L back, Turn ¼ right and step on to R (6:00), Step L tog (click fingers to r, l, r, l sides on “&” counts)
* 1st Restart (1m 50s) at new & last Wall 6 (instrumental)
5&6Kick R fwd, weight change as you step onto R Ball of foot in place, weight change & step on to Left

Start again

Restarts are easy to spot both facing last wall (no.6) they restart at the beginning & end of instrumental section :-
* 1st Restart (1m 50s) - at the beginning of instrumental after end of ct 36 end of Turning Jazz Box (Restart at beginning of final wall no.6)
** 2nd Restart (2 mins) is just 16 cts later, at the end of the instrumental after ct 16 (Hitch/Slap)

For fun ending:- as the music ends on ct 31 (fwd rock), why not stretch out both arms to the side as if to say “Ta da!!!” I hope you have fun

Copyright Kim Nolan, England, UK (April 2014)


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