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Da Di Hui Chun
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Phrased Improver
Mayee Lee 李梅瑜, Malaysia & Jenny Wong王美菁, Malaysia (December 2018)
Da Di Hui Chun 大地回春by Queenzy 莊群施, Wei Wei薇薇 (CD 2:26)
Intro: Start after 16 counts or start at 0.08 seconds
Sequence of dance : Intro Dance AAB AAB A Ending17

Intro Dance (32 counts)(Start the Intro Dance which facing 6.00)
Sec 1 : Sway To R, Hold x4 (Facing 6.00)
1 – 8Sway to R (1-4), hold(5-8) 6.00

Sec 2 : Sway To L, Sway To R, Hold x4
1 – 8Sway to L(1-2), sway to R(3-4), hold(5-8) 6.00

Sec 3 : Sway To L, Recover R, Hold x4
1 – 8Sway to L(1-2), sway to R(3-4), hold(5-8) 6.00

Sec 4 : ½ Turn L, Hold, R Side, Hold x3
1 – 4Walk ½ turn L which start with L foot (1)& follow with R L(2-3), hold(4)(12.00) 12.00
5 – 8Step R to R(5), hold(6-8) 12.00

Part A (40 counts)
Sec A1 : Cross L Cha Cha, Flick R, Cross R Cha Cha, Flick L
1 - 4Cross L over R(1), step R to R(2), cross L over R(3), flick R back(4)
5 – 8Mirror Step for 1 -4 12.00

Sec A2 : L Cross Touch, Hold, Touch L Diagonal Back, Hold (x2)(Face 1.30)
1 – 4L Cross Touch(1), hold(2), Touch L diagonal back(3), hold(4)
5 – 8Repeat 1 – 4 1.30

Sec A3 : Cross L, Hold, Cross R, Hold, Touch L Diagonal Back, Hold, R Together L, Hold
1 – 4Cross L over R(1), hold(2), cross R over L(3), hold(4) 12.00
56 &78Touch L diagonal back(5), hold(6), step L down(&), step R beside L(7), hold(8) 1.30

Sec A4 : Full Turn L With Step Rock Step From L Foot, Hold at Count 8
1 – 41/8 turn L step L forward(1)(10.30), 1/8 step R on ball behind L(2)(9.00), 9.00
 1/8 turn L step L forward(3)(7.30), 1/8 step R on ball behind L(4)(6.00) 6.00
5 – 81/8 turn L step L forward(5)(4.30), 1/8 step R on ball behind L(6)(3.00),1/4 turn L step L forward(7)(12.00), hold(8)

Sec A5 : Cross R, Recover L, R Side, Hold, Kick L To Diagonal R, Flick L Back, L Side, Recover R
1 – 4Cross R over L(1), recover on L(2), step R to R(3), hold(4)
5 - 8Kick L to diagonally R(5), flick L back(6), step L to L(7), recover on R(8) 12.00

Part B (32 counts)
Sec B1 : Sway To L, Hold, Sway To R, Hold (x2)
1 – 4Sway to L(1), hold(2), sway to R(3), hold(4)
5 – 8Repeat 1 – 4 12.00

Sec B2 : Cross L, Touch R, Cross R, Touch L (x2)
1 – 4Cross L over R(1), touch R to R(2), cross R over L(3), touch L to L(4)
5 – 8Repeat 1-4 12.00

Sec B3 : Repeat Section 1 (Part B) 12.00

Sec B4 : Cross L back, Touch R, Cross R Back, Touch L, Cross L Back, Touch R, R Beside L, Slightly Jump & Flick L
1 – 4Cross L back(1), touch R to R(2), cross R back(3), touch L to L(4)
5 – 8Cross L back(5), touch R to R(6), step R beside L(7), slightly jump & flick L(Weight on R) 12.00

Ending (17 counts)
Sec 1 : L Rocking Chair, L Rocking Chair with Hitch, Hold
1 – 4Rock L forward(1), recover on R(2), rock L back(3), recover on R(4)
5 – 8Rock L forward(5), recover on R(6), rock L back & hitch R(7), hold(8) 12.00

Sec 2 : Touch L, Hold, Together, Touch R, Hold, Together, Touch L, Hold, L Forward, Touch R,
 Step R Beside L & Flick L
12 &34Touch L to L(1), hold(2), step L beside R(&), touch R to R(3), hold(4)
&56 78Step R beside L(&), touch L to L(5), hold(6), step L forward(7), touch R to R(8)
9Step R beside L & flick L(9) 12.00

(Please refer the Hand Movement through our demo on Youtube Site)

Contact : mayeeleeyy@gmail.com

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