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Da Doo Ron Ron Jive (P)

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High Beginner / Partner Jive
Russibell Seoh - February 2019
Da Doo Ron Ron - Shaun Cassidy
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★ Here, the step is the man Part who uses the left foot first.
The woman's Step Part is Da Doo on Ron Jive.
Face To Face Position .

Intro : 32 Counts

Tag ( 8 Counts) After Wall 2, 4 and Wall 7

Sec1. Rindy L, 1/4 L Turn Lindy R.
1&2 34L side, R together next to L , L Side, R Rock Back , L Recover.
5&6 781/4 L Turn R Side, L Together next to R, R Side, L Rock Back, R Recover.

Sec2. L Chasse, R Kick Ball Change, R Chasse, L Kick Ball Change
1&2 3&4L Side, R Together, L Side, R Fwd kick,R Ball Step, L Step In Place.
5&6 7&8R Side, L Together, R Side, L Fwd Kick, L Ball Step, R Step In Place.

Sec3. Slowly Man Chicken Walk x2 (Back Toe Strut) , Quik Man Chicken Walk x4
1Into the L Toe Back Touch (Towards The RF,By this time, the weight is on R)
2L Heel down( Weight On L).
3Into The R Toe Back Touch (Towards The LF,By this time, the weight is on L)
4R Heel Down ( Weight On R)
5 6 7 8Quik Man Chicken Walks LRLR

Sec4. , Slowly Chicken Walks L R, Fwd Shuffle L R.
1 2RF bends and the body leans backward, moving forward with L Toe pointing towards out side
( Slide L toe forward whilst turning hips and shoulders to the Left)
3 4LF bends and the body leans backward, moving forward with R Toe pointing towards Out side
( Slide R Toe forward whilst turning hips and shoulders to the Right)
5&6L Step Fwd. R Close Next To L, L Step Fwd
7&8R Step Fwd, L Close Next To R, R Step Fwd

Tag : 8 Counts : Wall 2(6:00) Wall4( 12:00)& Wall 7( 3:00)
1234Slowly Wave to the right ( 1~4)
5678Slowly Wave To The Left. (5~8)
&Move your weight quickly to your right foot.

★ Woman Step : Da Doo Ron Ron Jive

Happy Dancing With BIg Smile ~~~^______^



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