CopperKnob - Dance floor (Wu Chi) - Tina Chen Sue-Huei (January 2018)
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Dance floor (Wu Chi)
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Phrased Improver
Tina Chen Sue-Huei (January 2018)
Wǔchí - báibīngbīng舞池 - 白冰冰
Intro:24 A:32 B:48 Tag:16

Start Intro After 20 Counts

Intro (24 Counts)
I1. Full Circle Clw
Walk Fwd RL(1-2), Fwd R Shuffle (3&4), Walk Fwd LR (5-6), Stomp In Place LRL (7&8) (12.00)

I2. Mirror Steps Of Intro Section (1-8) (12.00)

I3. Out-Out-In-In, Fwd, Pivot½ L, ½ L, Back, Together
Step RF Fwd Diag R(1), Step LF Fwd Diag L(2), Step RF Back To Center (3), Step LF Back To Center (4)
Step RF Fwd (5), Pivot ½ L Weight On LF(6) (6.00), Pivot ½ L Back Step RF(7)(12.00), Tog Step LF(8)

Tag (16 Counts)
T1. Forward Rock, Back Shuffle, Back Rock, Fwd Shuffle Rock RF Fwd (1), Recover Weight On LF(2), Back Shuffle On RLR (3&4), Rock LF Back (5), Recover Weight On RF(6), Fwd Shuffle On LRL (7&8)

T2. Cross Rock, R Chasse, Cross Rock, L Chasse
Rock RF Over LF(1), Recover Weight On LF(2), R Chasse On RLR (3&4), Rock LF Over RF(5), Recover Weight On RF(6), L Chasse On LRL (7&8)

Note:For Tag(20 Counts) Add In Rocking Chair On RLRL
1-2Rock Fwd RF, Recover Weight On LF
3-4Rock Back RF, Recover Weight On LF

Part A (32 Counts)
A1.Back Rock, Point, Cross,Foward Rock, Point,
1-2Back Rock RF, Recover Weight On LF
3-4Point RF To R, Cross RF Over LF
5-6Fwd Rock LF, Recover Weight On RF
7-8Point LF To L, Step Back On LF

A2.Back Rock, R Chasse, ¼ L Back Rock, Fwd Shuffle
1-2Back Rock RF, Recover Weight On LF
3&4R Chasse On RLR
5-6¼ L Back Rock LF(9.00), Recover Weight On RF
7&8Fwd Shuffle On LRL

A3.(Kick, Kick, Sailor Steps) 2X
1-2Kick RF Diag R, Kick RF Across LF
3&4Cross RF Behind LF, Step LF To L, Step RF To R
5-6Kick LF Diag L & Across RF
7&8Cross LF Behind RF, Step RF To R, Step LF To L

A4. (Walk, Walk, Shuffle) 2X : ¾ R Clw
1-2Walk Fwd RL
3&4Shuffle ½ Turn R On RLR
5-6.Walk Fwd LR
7&8Shuffle ¼ Turn R On LRL (6.00)
** Make the above steps curving clockwise

Part B (48 Counts)
B1.R-L: Chasse, Touch, Touch
1&2R Chasse On RLR
3-4Behind RF Touch On L Toe- 2X
5&6L Chasse On LRL
7-8Behind LF Touch On R Toe- 2X

B2.Fwd, ½ L , Fwd Shuffle,Fwd, ½ R, Fwd Shuffle
1-2Step RF Fwd, ½ L Pivot Turn (12:00), Weight Onto LF 3&4 Fwd Shuffle On RLR
5-6Step LF Fwd, ½ R Pivot Turn (6.00), Weight Onto RF
7&8Fwd Shuffle On LRL

B3.R Diag Fwd Steps, ½ L Flick, L Diag Fwd Steps, Brush
1-4Step RF Diag R Fwd, Step LF Behind R, (7:30) Step RF Fwd, ½ Turn L Flick LF Keeping Weight On RF (1:30)
5-8Step LF Diag L Fwd, Step RF Behind LF, Step LF Fwd, Brush RF Fwd

B4.Jazz Box Cross, Side Rock, Cross Shuffle
1-4Cross RF Over LF, Step LF Back, Step RF To R, Cross LF Over RF (3:00)
5-6Rock RF To R, Recover Weight On LF
7&8Cross RF Over LF, Step LF To L, Cross RF Over LF

B5. Step, Pivot ¼ R- Flick,Fwd Shuffle, Fwd. Pivot ½ L,Fwd Shuffle
1-2Step Fwd LF, Pivot ¼ R Turn Weight Onto RF & Flick LF (6.00) 3&4 Fwd Shuffle On LRL
5-6Step Fwd RF, Pivot ½ Turn L Recover Weight On LF & flickRF (12:00)
7&8Fwd Shuffle On RLR

B6.Paddle ¼ R (X4)
1-2Step LF Fwd, ¼ R Turn Recover Weight On RF (3.00)
3-4Step LF Fwd, ¼ R Turn Recover Weight On RF (6.00)
5-6Step LF Fwd, ¼ R Turn Recover Weight On RF (9.00)
7-8Step LF Fwd, ¼ R Turn Recover Weight On RF (12.00)

Happy Dancing!

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