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Dancing Above The Rainbow

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Rene & Reg Mileham (UK) - April 2015
Dance Above the Rainbow - Ronan Hardiman : (CD: Michael Flatley's Feet of Flames)
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Music Style: Irish Jig

#16 count intro [117 bpm]

Section 1: Stomp, heel grind, Coaster. Stomp, heel grind, coaster
1 – 2Stomp Right heel forward, grind heel
3 & 4Right Coaster step
5 – 6Stomp Left heel forward, grind heel
7 & 8Left Coaster step

Section 2: Kickball points x 2 (R,L) 2 Paddles turning ¼ left
1& 2Kick Right forward, step Right next to Left, point Left out to left side
3 & 4Kick Left forward, step Left next to Right, point Right out to side (weight on L)
5-6-7-8Two paddles turning ¼ left 9.00

Section 3: Point & point & point, hold. 2 Paddles turning ¼ left
1&Point Right out to side, step Right next to Left
2&Point Left out to side, step Left next Right
3 – 4Point Right out to side, hold
5-6-7-8Two paddles turning ¼ left 6.00

Section 4: Stomp out, out, behind, side, cross. Stomp out, out, behind, side, cross
1 – 2Stomp Right out, stomp Left out
3 & 4Cross Right behind Left, step Left to left side, cross Right over Left
5 – 6Stomp Left out, stomp Right out
7 & 8Cross Left behind Right, step Right to right side, cross Left over Right.


Poppet May 22, 2015
Thank you for this easily learnt dance with plenty of Irish charm ! It would make a good floor split with the Intermediate dance Pot of Gold. I was wondering where to add some claps and then saw the second demo video by Winston Yew, perfect spot.

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