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Dancing In The Rain

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Lam Lam (March 2015)
Dancing In The Rain by Ruth Lorenzo (2:55min)
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Intro: 4 counts

(1-9) Side, Sailor 1/4L , Recover, 1/4R, Cross, 1/2L Cross, Side Rock Cross, Side
1 2&3Step L to side(1), step R behind L(2), 1/4L step fwd on L(&), rock fwd on R (3)
4&5Recover on L(4), 1/4R step R to side(&), cross L over R(5) 12:00
6&7&1/4L step back on R(6), 1/4L step L to side(&), cross R over L(7), rock L to
8&1side(&) recover on R(8), cross L over R(&), step R to side(1) 6:00

(10-17) Nightclub 1/4R, Back Rock Full Turn L, Pivot 1/2L, Step 3/4R, Cross 1/4R Sweep 1/4R
2&3Rock back on L(2), recover on R(&), 1/4R step L to side(3) 9:00
4&5&Rock back on R(4), recover on L(&), 1/2L step R back(5), 1/2L step L fwd(&)
6&7&Step R fwd(6), pivot 1/2L(&), step R fwd(7), 1/2R step back on L(&)
8&11/4R step R to side(8) ***(Restart here on wall 2,4 & 6, see the note) cross L over R(&), 1/4R step R fwd sweep Lf round making further 1/4R(1) 6:00

(18-25) Cross, Side, Nightclub 3/4R, Fwd Rock, Back, 1/4R, Sway LRL
2&3&Cross L over R(2), Step R to side(&), step L close to R(3), cross R over L(&)
4&51/4R step back on L(4), 1/2R step R fwd(&), Rock fwd on L(5) 3:00
6&7Recover on R(6), step back on L(&), 1/4R step R to side(7) 6:00
8&1Sway L R L (8&1)

(26-32) Jazz Box 1/4R Cross, Side, Touch, Side, Mambo 1/2R, Full Turn R
2&3&Cross R over L(2), 1/4R step back on L(&), step R to side(3), cross L over R(&)
4&5Step R to side(4), L touch beside R(&), step L to side(5) 9:00
6&7 8&Rock fwd on R(6), recover on L(&), 1/2R step fwd on R(7), 1/2R step back on L(8), 1/2R step R fwd (&) 3:00

Tag : At the end of wall 1, add 2 counts Tag, Sway L, R

Restarts: On Wall 2, 4 & 6, Restart the dance after 16 counts***.
Modify count 16 to 1/2R step R fwd sweep Lf round make further 1/4R.
Step L to side starting count 1 facing 9:00, 6:00, & 3:00 respectively.

End: Dance till the end of wall 7, then step L fwd, pivot 1/2R weight on Lf.


( 06:17:35)


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