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Dancing On The Moon

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Phrased Improver
Indahwati Rahardja (INA) & Daisy Rosana Dewi (INA) - July 2020
Fabulous Echoes - Dancing on the moon (Best dancing version)
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Phrased: A tag A A(32) BBB A(16) AA

Part A :
Sec A1 : Vine to the R, Touch, Vine to the L, Touch
1-4 RF side,LF cross behind,RF side, LF touch beside
5-8 LF side,RF cross behind,LF side, RF touch beside

Sec A2: Diagonal R fwd Shuffle, Touch, Diagonal L fwd Shuffle, Touch
1-4 RF fwd, LF behind,RF fwd, LF touch beside
5-8 LF fwd, RF behind, LF fwd, RF touch beside

Sec A3: RF Rocking Chair, RF Paddle 1/4 turn L ( 2x ) Face 6.00
1-4 RF fwd, LF recover, RF backward, LF recover
5-8 RF fwd,1/4 turn L LF recover,RF fwd, 1/4 turn L LF recover

Sec A4 : RF Weave to the L , Touch, LF Weave to the R , Touch
1-4 RF cross over L, LF side, RF cross behind, LF touch to the side
5-8 LF cross over R, RF side, LF cross behind, RF touch to the side

Sec A5: RF Walk fwd,L,R,L touch beside, touch side, touch beside,touch side,touch beside
1-4 RF fwd, LF fwd, RF fwd,LF touch beside
5-8 LF touch side, LF touch beside, LF touch side, LF touch beside

Sec A6: LF Walk backward, R,L,R touch beside, touch side, touch beside,touch side,touch beside
1-4 LF backward , RF back, LF back, RF touch beside
5-8 RF touch side, RF touch beside, RF touch side, RF touch beside

Part B :
Sec B1 : RF Step Side ,LF Touch, LF Step Side, RF Touch ( Repeat )
1-4 RF step side, LF touch, LF step side, RF touch
5-8. Repeat

Sec B2: RF Cross, LF Cross, RF back,LF close ( Repeat )
1-4 RF cross, LF cross, RF back,LF close together
5-8 Repeat

Sec B3: Turn R heel out, L, R double , Turn L heel out, R,L double
1-4 Turn R heel out, L, R, R
5-8 Turn L heel out, R, L, L

TAG: ( After wall 1 )
Unwind, pointing to the front
1-4 RF cross behind, unwind 1/2turn to the R, body weight on LF, pointing

Restarts :-
• Wall 3 is only 32 counts, then Restart with the part B
• Wall 7 is only 16 counts, then Restart with the part A

Have fun & happy dancing

Indah by email -
Daisy by email -


Erni July 16, 2020
Beautiful dance ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Teddy Bandung July 17, 2020
Woooow... Love it

Metaltigger July 19, 2020
Nicely phrased and choreographed Intermediate dance.

Ind July 22, 2020
Thanks my friends for the support , Like& vote,itโ€™s 90th on CK

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