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Danny's Song

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Maddison Glover (AUS) - September 2019
Danny’s Song (The Voice Performance) - The Swon Brothers : (Album: The Complete Season 4 Collection - The Voice Performance - 3:26)
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Introduction: 4 counts (just before the lyric “people)

Forward, Rock Forward, Recover, Coaster, ½ Turn, ¼ Pivot, Cross, Side, Together
1,2&3&Step R fwd, rock L fwd, recover weight back onto R, step L back, step R together
4Step L fwd (prep: slightly bend both knees and rotate shoulders to the L diagonal)
5Make ½ turn unwind R ensuring weight is fwd on R (6:00)
6&Step L fwd, pivot ¼ turn R keeping weight on R (9:00)
7&8Cross L over R, step R to R side, close L beside R

Cross, ¼ Back, ¼ Side, Cross, ¼ Back, ½ Forward, Rock Forward, ¼ Side Rock, , 1/4, ½
1,2&Cross R over L, turn ¼ R stepping back on L (12:00), turn ¼ R stepping R to R side (3:00)
3,4&Cross L over R, turn ¼ L stepping back on R (12:00), turn ½ L stepping fwd onto L (6:00)
5,6Rock fwd onto R (6:00), recover weight back onto L
7Turn ¼ R as you rock R out to R side (9:00)
8&Turn ¼ L stepping fwd onto L (6:00), turn ½ L stepping back onto R (12:00)

3/8 Forward (as you sweep), Cross, Side, Back, Back, 3/8 Forward, Pivot ½, ¼ Side, Behind, Side
1Turn 3/8 L stepping L fwd into diagonal as you sweep R fwd/around anti-clockwise (7:30)
2&3Cross R over L (7:30), step L to L side/ slightly back (7:30), step R back
4&Step L back (7:30), turn 3/8 R stepping R fwd (12:00)
5,6Step L fwd, pivot ½ turn R (6:00)
7,8&Turn ¼ R as you step L to L side (9:00), cross R behind L, step L to L side

Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Cross Rock, Recover, ¼ Forward, Forward, Pivot ½, ¼ Side, Cross, ¼ Back, Together
1,2&Cross rock R over L, recover weight back onto L, step R to R side (9:00)
3,4&Cross rock L over R, recover weight onto R, turn ¼ L stepping fwd onto L (6:00)
5,6Step R fwd, pivot ½ turn over L (weight on L) (12:00)
7&Turn ¼ L stepping R to R side (9:00), cross L over R
8&Turn ¼ L stepping R back, step L together (counts 7&8& are like a ½ turning lock shuffle back)

RESTART: During the very end of wall SIX, the music will sound like it is going to finish but it won’t. Keep
dancing and begin wall SEVEN at 12:00. Dance counts 1-4 a little bit faster (don’t bend knees or over rotate
shoulders slightly to the left on this wall) then restart the dance a little slower than usual until the end of the
Facebook: Maddison Glover Line Dance


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